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There are many key features to considerwhen buying Warehouse Steps for you Facility. Whilst they provide access heights of up to 5 metres, they also have an array of other benefits. They are a fundamental feature in warehouses, factories, offices and garages.


Warehouse steps are well suited for fast paced and industrial environments. Due to their robust construction, they can withstand common wear and tear. As a result, your product lasts longer. Whilst working at heights, it's important that employee's guarantee the safety of operators. To provide this safety, our entire ranges conform to EN 131, but we also include BS, GS & BSI standards.

Our Classic Warehouse Steps BS Range adhere to all safety regulations. This is to ensure the safety of the operators.

Mobile Steps are a must for your warehouse

When working in demanding environments, mobility can be cruical. Many Warehouses and Factories use forklifts to ensure fast and secure mobility. So, when it comes to our ranges, it is no different. Our Steps include a unique form of mobility. This creates, and improves, the workflow of operators.

We have a range of warehouse mobility methods to suit preferences and requirements. From weight reactive castors to tilt and push mobile steps. Of which all perform to the highest of standards. One of our popular methods of mobility are our Classic Warehouse Steps. The dome weight reactive castors will retract when you apply weight to the steps. As a result, this will provide firm contact with the floor.

There are also Mobile Safety Steps and Mobile Warehouse Steps to consider. Pivotal in improving mobility and accessibilty in the workplace. Ensuring you also have the correct platform size for the Operator.


When it comes to treads, there is a huge range to choose from. The most common two are mesh or rubber treads. This is due to their long-lasting properties, but which is the better option? The deciding factor will come down to your working environment as well as footwear. A mesh tread offers some anti-slip properties as the soles of work boots grip to the mesh. You may want further enchanced anti-slip properties or an extra wide surface to work on. Our ribbed rubber treads offer the extra slip resistance you're looking for.

When looking at treads, it's also important to consider the height you'd like to reach. All our steps specify their platform size in height. This means you can calculate the operator’s greatest height 


As mentioned before, many of our warehouse steps classify to EN 131. These are the European standards regulations for warehouse steps. They ensure the safety of operators whilst in use. EN 131 ensures our steps meet these requirements. Passing all tests when trialing the largest load capacity of 150kg. This includes the Operator, tools and equipment. The design of our steps allows for heavy duty goods usage. This ensures that the Operator will be in the best hands possible.