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Canteen Furniture UK - with Direct2U

Looking for canteen tables, chairs, or bundles for both? As one of the largest canteen furniture manufacturers, we have a huge selection of canteen essentials here at Direct2U.. If you are looking to request a quote, we have a simple online form for ease and speed. When seeking technical help and advice, our sales team are always available to speak via telephone.

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Large project? We’re the website for you. Almost all our product offering are customisable to suit any user needs. Does your company have a specific brand colour? No problem, we can arrange that. Above all, our sales team are trained in space planning and can offer advise on how best to equip your workplace. Consequently, large projects will also receive our very best pricing and special discounts.

Canteen Chairs

Certainly, canteens and break out rooms need to be practical, versatile and fun. Our ranges offer everything from stackable chairs to colourful chairs. Find the perfect canteen seating by browsing our entire category of canteen chairs:

  • Browse All Canteen Chairs Here
  • Canteen Tables

    We feature a wide variety of table styles including foldable, modern and classic styles. Find a table that suits your needs today with Direct2U.

    Fast Food Furniture

    Ideal for lunch and break out rooms in industrial settings. As a result, these units are popular in warehouses and factories. They're also very popular in schools. Our units vary in lead times and price. Want the highest quality and not in a rush for the goods? Take a look at some of our most popular ranges below:

  • Fully Welded Canteen Units
  • Eco Fast Food Unit
  • Value Canteen Seating
  • Bench Style Units

    Most noteworthy, are the modern, fresh and stylish designs, making bench units ideal for a contemporary space. Gone are the traditional plastic seats in the usual colours. Also, our bench units are completely customisable to suit any lunch space.

    School and Education Units

    Keep an eye out for ever expanding range of school canteen units. Folding, decorated tables are ideal for primary schools and children who need encouragement to stay seated and eat meals.


    Good things come to those who wait. Bespoke pieces and made to order items and as a result, are on a longer lead time. This is to ensure the highest quality and enables editing to the products to suit our customers. However, we do also offer many products on quick lead times such as next day delivery, 3 days and 5 days.

    Mix and Match

    Already have some canteen, bistro or fast food units and would like to find matching ones? Most of our products are part of popular ranges or we can make them to suit. Furthermore, all our fast food units and other canteen furniture offer multiple variations including colours, sizes and finishes.

    Finally, we will happily answer any questions regarding our services and products via telephone, live chat and email.

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