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Our high quality canteen furniture is an affordable and practical solution to any canteen or breakout area. We have added a brand new range that features dining chairs, dining tables, dining sets, and outdoor dining furniture. The new range offers a modern and stylish feel compared to our current existing canteen range that is more practical and better suited to larger commercial areas such as schools. All of our canteen range comes in different shapes, sizes, and materials.

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Our wide range of dining furniture!

Our canteen chairs are mainly made from plastic with an added backrest for comfort. These are suitable for food industries and schools to name a few. Where as our new range of dining chairs features traditional and stylish side chairs made from genuine leather. We also offer bar stools that are great for social environments such as bars and restaurants or even breakfast bars at home! Next we have our dining tables. We offer these in a rectangle, square or circle shape. This makes them completely flexible and allows customers to choose their tables depending on the amount of people seated.

Also, one of out best sellers includes our fast food canteen units that are ideal for small takeout restaurants and school canteens. We also have a designated category for school and education units that seat up to 16 pupils and are fold away making them perfect for multi-use. They come in sets of 2,4 and 6 making them perfect for socialising. Next, our indoor dining sets feature a range of modern and unique styles to accommodate to home environments and commercial areas. The Quin dining set is perfect for office canteens and breakout areas due to being able to be wiped clean very easily.

Bar & Bistro outdoor dining

Finally, our outdoor dining sets and bar and bistro sets are all extremely durable. They offer a practical yet stylish solution to any outdoor dining or social space. They both feature bar height tables and chairs and have a variety of different colours to choose from. This includes your standard blacks and greys as well as pops of colour. We finally have outdoor furniture that is manufactured to the highest quality. This means they are water resistant and can withstand any harsh weather conditions. Whether that's in your own garden or outdoor bars and restaurants - the ranges have you covered!

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