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At Direct2U, we offer a wide range of Cycle Shelters, Smoking Shelters, Walkways and more. They are ideal for locations such as parks, town centres, hospitals, schools, and office spaces. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service. We can design your product, manufacture it, and install it. We ensure that we meet the highest standards throughout the entire process. Our expert installation crew and project management team will ensure your order is installed at a convenient time.

the process

It can be an exciting but daunting task when looking at installing new apparatus like bike shelters or smoking shelters. So, we have outlined a process for you to follow. Following the simple steps below, your journey with us will be made effortless. With the help of our expert sales team, along with all the information we have here online, we are confident we'll find a solution for you.

The Process

1. Checklist

What do you need?

  • Quantity of Bikes
  • Space / Area measurements
  • Ground Type (Bolted / Grouted
The Process

2. Browse Products

  • Browse online or seek advice from our Sales Team using the information in your checklist
  • Or request a free site survey
The Process

3. We Install

  • Utilise our installation team
  • Quick and efficient
  • All Health & Safety regulations met
  • All necessary tools brought to site
The Process

4. Completion

Job done!

Your Shelter is up and running

bespoke shelters

We have an incredible variety of cycle shelters, smoking shelters, and canopy shelters. Yet, we understand that not all the products we have available are suitable for all requirements. There may be a particular shelter or walkway that you have found but would like to tweak slightly . This could be its height, width, depth, colour, or design. If your project requires this, our technical team will be more than happy to discuss any changes to our products.

Sketch Idea Sketch Idea

You may have found inspiration from one of our shelters but have an idea of how you would like to change it. Or you may have a completely fresh idea in mind. We encourage you to sketch your idea so that we have an idea how you visualise your ideal shelter. This is a great starting point for us to discuss the possibilities with our technical team.

Develop Concept Develop Concept

As well as bringing an idea to life on paper, the concept of your shelter is as important. We can discuss how many bikes you plan to store, or how many people your shelter can hold at one time. Also, how you plan on fixing the shelter to the walls / floors and if this is workable.

CAD Design CAD Design

Once we understand all your requirements and approve the concept behind your idea, we can then move to bringing your shelter to life using Computer-aided design (CAD and/or JETCAM). Our expert designers will use all the details necessary to create a professional 3D drawing of your bespoke shelter.

Project Managed Project Managed

We follow you every step of the way. From assisting you with your initial drawings to the day it's installed and ready to go. Upon completing your project, we'll be here to assist you further if necessary.

completed projects

We have a fantastic variety of projects to showcase from many of our clients. From Schools to Hospitals, shelters come in many forms, designed for different purposes. View our featured selection of completed projects below. We outline the brief for each of our clients and include a link to each of the products that were selected.

start your own project...

Have an idea of what kind of Shelter you're looking for already? Or just starting out? You can get in touch with us at the click of a button. You can request a quote - where we come out to your premises and identify what could be suitable for you. Or you can contact us with all the details of your specifications. We can recommend some of our cycle shelters, smoking shelters, and walkway shelter before discussing the possibility of having a bespoke shelter made.