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Cycle Racks & Stands

Our range of Cycle Racks and Cycle Stands offers simple and inexpensive cycle parking solutions for all budgets, premises and requirements. Cycle racks are a perfect option for schools, universities, shopping centres and railway stations, as well as private premises and car parks. We have bike stands designed with single users in mind and racks for multiple users. These storage points enable cyclists to come and go as they please, parking their bikes whenever needed and securing them with their own lock.

Cycle racks are becoming a popular choice with many businesses which want to offer their employees a way to improve their fitness, save some money and reduce their carbon footprint.


With a huge number of styles available here is a rundown of some of our best sellers.

Hoop Stands

Cycle Hoops allow the bike wheels or frames to be locked securely to the stand, for quick and easy protection. They are ideal for use outside offices, supermarkets, shopping centres, schools and universities. This cost-effective product can be surface mounted or grouted underground. Cycle hoops are available in adult and junior sizes, which a whole range of colours and finishes to choose from.

Toast Rack

These are ideal for use within a shelter or compound. They are specifically designed to secure two bicycles to each stand, with one either side of each hoop. Similarly to the individual cycle hoops, they are easy to use and the most cost effective way of securing a large number of bikes with each user applying their own locking mechanism.

Wall Mounted Rack

Wall mounted bike racks are an ideal solution for saving space and storing bikes. Mount up to 4 cycles on one rack, leaving you that much needed floor space or choose individual racks and carefully position them. Many of the options we have available are popular for domestic use and for workplaces with a small amount of staff.

Staggered Height Rack

A staggered height cycle rack allows bikes to be parked closer together, minimising the footprint of the rack. As each bike is at a different height their handles will not clash and they can be closer together either freeing up floor space or allowing for more bikes to be stored.

cycle stands

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