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Keeping Stock Safe and Secure

In a workplace there are often plenty of items that need to be kept safe and secure but may also need moving around. In these situations traditional storage cabinets or static cages just won't cut it. Our range of Mobile Security Cages will provide a safe and secure storage container that will reduce goods handling, providing a flexible mobile storage solution. They are the perfect alternative to a permanent shelving allowing workers to securely store or move goods.

Security cages are an ideal way to control access to hazardous or valuable items. Most of these units can be locked either with a padlock or via an integrated locking system. This is then paired with welded steel constructions which are designed to stand up to vandalism or damage whilst being transported.

Visual Security

Most of the Mobile Storage Cages we offer use either wire mesh or perforated sides. This offers exceptional visual security to match the physical security measures. The mesh sides allow you to keep track of all the stock inside the container without needing to open it up. You'll quite easily be able to see if something has gone missing and won't need to leave the doors open to stock take.

If you have any other questions about our mobile storage solutions don't hesitate to ask. Just use our live chat to get in touch with our sales team today!