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Guide to Mobile Scissor Lifts

Things to consider when purchasing scissor lift trolleys

In our range of scissor lift tables there are a few key factors that will determine the best lift table for your work. Below we've written a short summary of questions to consider when purchasing. Please note that many of our products have Data Sheets in the Downloads tab to the right of each product page to help answer your queries. These sheets contain specific information for each product, displayed in a clear and easy format.

1) What is the maximum weight of the items you will be lifting?

A key difference between our lift tables is their maximum load capacity. This determines how much weight each lift table can transport and lift safely. Our current range of products have load capacities between 150kg and 1000kg. Choosing the correct capacity will require you to know the heaviest possible weight you intending to lift using the trolley.

2) How high does your lift table need to reach?

Our mobile range has table heights from as low as 225mm which can raise up to around 1600mm high. The height you require will depend on how the scissor lift table is to be used. For instance, the lift table is commonly used as a mobile workstation so choosing one that will raise to a comfortable height to stand over may be preferred. To achieve the maximum table height we recommend choosing a double scissor lift. These are built to reach far greater table heights whilst also maintaining a large load capacity.

3) How do you need the table to raise?

We have a few variations of how these scissor lift tables increase in height. Most of our scissor lifts are hydraulic, meaning that a simple foot pump action will increase the table height gradually. The estimated amount of times it takes to pump down on the pedal will be referred to as the number of 'pedal strokes' in the product descriptions. An affordable alternative to this is the manual scissor lift table that is height adjustable via the hand crank. This is a very simple rotary handle that is turned until the lift table is raised to the desired height. Even when using this method the trolley still has an impressive 300kg load capacity.

A quick and effective alternative to both of these is our electric mobile scissor lift tables. These trolleys are powered by battery and operated using buttons making them incredibly quick and easy to use. They increase the cost of each unit but will helpto greatly improve overall work flow and production times.

4) How quickly do you need your new lift table?

Fortunately our mobile lift tables have lead times of 10 working days or less, providing you with fast and effective solutions for your handling and lifting requirements. We even offer super fast next day delivery and delivery at more convenient time such as AM and Saturday deliveries.

Still unsure? 

If you're still uncertain on what scissor lift table is right for your workplace, please feel free to contact us via our Live Chat Service displayed at the bottom right of your web page or alternatively speak to one of our friendly sales team on 01922 715 130. Handling & Lifting Direct2U. 

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