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Shop our great range of pallet trucks, designed to assist you around the warehouse. We have four truck types to offer; Hand Pallet Trucks, High Lift Pallet Trucks, Electric Pallet Trucks and Pallet Truck Scales. We'll briefly breakdown the different qualities of each type, to ensure that you select what's right for your workplace. A Pallet truck may also be known as a pallet jack, pallet mover or pallet trolley. Be sure to keep an eye out for these keywords! 


These are the most common types of Pallet Trucks we offer, sometimes referred to as Pallet Jacks or Pump Trucks. The forks are raised by repeatedly moving the handle in an up and down motion. They're an efficient and relatively small option which makes them a popular choice in retail outlets and smaller warehouses. It's ease of use makes this a quick solution for workers who are transferring heavy pallets on a regular basis. We offer a range of load capacities and sizes, including short and wide pallet trucks, to best suit your requirements. Our hand trucks collection currently ranges from 2000kg to a huge 5000kg maximum load capacity.


A high lift pallet jack is designed to offer a far greater reach than a standard pump truck. They are ideal for loading and unloading from conveyors or vehicles which often leave pallets at height. Reaching up to 800mm high, the trucks still retain a large 1000kg load capacity. High Lift Pallet Jacks come with either electric or manual operation, with quality checks carried out before any product reaches your workplace.


It has never been easier to transfer pallets than with a powered pallet truck. Just simply press the button attached to the truck and the forks are raised. You may notice that there are still manual handles to offer the choice of a manual or electric operation to the user. The pallets will lower by pulling the "Deadman’s" trigger on the lever which will safely bring the truck back to the floor.


These pump trucks feature scales which weigh the load that's on them. This intelligent functionality provides fast and accurate results in a busy work environment. Although it's main function is manual handling, the scales are ideal for workplaces such as dispatch centres or generally busy warehouses. In our range, we offer accessories with these truck scales that can provide even further advanced ergonomic workplace conditions. Available accessories include items such as built in Thermo-printer's that will print off results with times as a record of measurements.

We hope you find the right Pallet Truck for your workplace here at Handling & Lifting Direct2u. With quality checks carried out prior to dispatch, your trucks will be ready upon delivery. Any queries on our products, please don't hesitate to pop up to our friendly Live Chat team. Or call us on 01922 715 130 and speak to our Sales team for further information.