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The need-to-knows on our Pallet Trucks..

Shop our great range of pallet trucks, designed to assist you in your everyday warehouse requirements. As displayed above, we have segmented our list in to four product groups; Hand Pallet Trucks, High Lift Pallet Trucks, Electric Pallet Trucks and Pallet Truck Scales. Below, we'll briefly break down the different qualities each truck type has, to ensure that you select an item that's right for you and your workplace. If you're still unsure after this, please rest assured that we're available through our Live Chat Service or via Telephone to support any queries you may have.

Hand Pallet Trucks

These are the most common types of Pallet Trucks we offer. Operated by hand, pallets will raise to the desired height through the handle being repeatedly moved in an up-down full range motion. They're efficient and relatively small which makes them a popular choice in retail outlets. This is because the trucks are easy to navigate and therefore less likely to disrupt customers on a shop floor for instance. It's ease of use makes this a quick solution for workers who are transferring heavy goods on a regular basis. Despite its ease, we recommend that users of the item be briefly trained in to the correct way to work the piece of equipment prior to use. Less confident employees risk raising heavy duty items incorrectly which could lead to dangers such as the toppling of loads. Choose a load capacity that will best suit your requirements. Our hand pallet trucks collection currently ranges from 2000-5000kg maximum load capacities. Available with quick deliveries and different colour options.

High Lift Pallet Trucks

For heights that are above the standard 200mm, a high lift pallet truck would be preferable. Mostly used to load and unload conveyors or any other movement of pallets at height. The high lifting item is an efficient way to manage heavy items. Reaching heights of up to 800mm, the trucks still have terrific load capacities that average at 1000kg. This will help workers save time, potential physical strain and allow them to focus on other tasks. Available as electric or manual, here at Direct2u. We have both at great prices with quality checks done before any product reaches your workplace.

Electric Pallet Trucks

It's never been easier to transfer pallets than with the electric powered trucks. They're becoming more popular thanks to their minimal effort - it doesn't require a worker to physically pump the pallets to the desire height. Instead, users simply have to press a button attached to the truck and their items will be raised. You may notice that there are still manual handles on some of these items, this is to offer the choice of a manual or electric operation for the user. The pallets will lower by pulling the "Deadman’s" trigger on the lever which will safely bring the truck back to the floor. With safety as priority, we advise that all users are trained on how to work these trucks prior to use. Failure to do so could lead to hazards such as heavy loads being lowered on to the feet of workers - or worse, customers!

Pallet Truck Scales

These are the pallet trucks that have the technology to weigh the load capacity that's on them. An intelligent function that provides fast and accurate recordings in a busy work environment. Although it's main function is to still act as a pallet truck, the weighing of loads can provide greater benefit to workplaces such as dispatch centres or generally busy warehouses. The scales also help honour the load capacity which will help protect the truck from negligence. In our range, we offer accessories with these truck scales that can provide even further advanced ergonomic workplace conditions. Available accessories are visible in a drop-down box on the product's page. Which will include items such as built in Thermo-printer's that will print off results with times to best measure results.

We hope you find Pallet Trucks right for you, here at Handling & Lifting Direct2u. Invest in a better, more ergonomic workplace that provides your business with the best chances of succeeding. With quality checks carried out prior to dispatch, be assured that your trucks will be ready upon delivery. Any queries on our products, please don't hesitate to pop up to our friendly Live Chat team. Or call us on 01922 715 130 and speak to our lovely Sales team for further information.

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