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Hand Pallet trucks offer an excellent safe lifting solution for not only heavy and bulky loads but also lighter loads too. Our range offers many different styles to suit all needs. Making it simple to manoeuvre one or more pallets from location to location without the use of huge machinery. Their size and efficiency make them ideal for use in a warehouse and commercial environments for all kinds of applications. The images below showcase the types of hand pallet truck Direct2U offers and in some cases their uses.

Why choose a double roller over a single roller pallet truck? Would you like ease of operating; double roller pallet trucks reduce the strain for the operator by spreading the load capacity.

Why does your organisation need a galvanised truck? Ideal for using indoors or outdoors. Each truck has corrosion resistant properties making ideal for wet or damp working conditions.

Standard Sack Truck

Safety Techniques

  • Do not operate a hand pallet truck until you have checked its condition. Giving attention to wheels, handle, forks, lift and lever controls, and brakes. Do not operate if the truck is or appears to be damaged in any way. Do not attempt repairs unless you are trained in pallet truck repair.

  • Operate hand pallet trucks only from the designated operating position. Never place any part of your body in the lifting mechanism or under the forks or load.

  • Do not handle unstable or loosely stacked loads. Use special care when handling long, high or wide loads (use correct type of pallet trucks for this application) to avoid losing the load, hitting bystanders, or tipping the truck.

  • Do not overload the truck. Check carrying capacity for more information on each truck; specified by our specification

  • The capacity of the truck assumes an evenly distributed load with the centre of the load being at the halfway point of the length of the forks.

  • Ensure the length of forks suits the length of the pallet.

  • Lower the forks to lowest height when the truck is not being used.

Direct2U have developed strong links in the handling and lifting industry and are known for our quality and reliability. Delivering excellent customer service helping to establish a strong and loyal customer base. We deliver nationwide (mainland UK) to our customers into a range of environments. If you need any help or advice so not hesitate to call our friendly team, or alternatively live chat with us via our website.

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