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AluTruk Aluminium Sack Trucks

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Why Choose AluTruk

Each AluTruk sack truck is hand built and made to order, every piece is modular and can be built to specifications of the user. Choosing AluTruk means you choose; quality, innovation, service and flexibility. Each truck is constructed of a magnesium alloy due to its high durability, strength and corrosion resistance.

Creating a bespoke design has never been simpler with AluTruk: simply choose a frame, a handle, wheels and accessories and your good to go!

As previously mentioned AluTruk are known for quality and service there are also many other advantages of using AluTruk over any other brand, these include:

  • Lightweight Aluminium construction makes them stronger then steel and easier to carry.
  • Replacing parts is easy due to modular designs.
  • Construction between components are weld free, simple nut and bolt construction showing how easy it is to replace parts.
  • Axel Brackets are constructed from Magnesium making them the strongest in class.
  • Highest optimal grade of fasteners used in the assembly of each sack truck
  • Easy to upgrade as to change a part you simply un bolt and bolt a new part in place.
  • Interchangeable components mean one sack truck can suit many applications.
  • Each truck is durable, rust proof and had no paint to chip.
  • Folding toe plate allows easier transportation and storage.
  • Nylon comfort grips are moulded for increased user comfort.
  • Strong plastic glides and stairs and steps easier to access.
  • Company logos can be printed onto trucks making them totally unique to your brand.
  • Puncture proof tyres will reduce downtime and increase productivity in the workplace.

AluTruk sack trucks

General use

General use sack trucks are ideal for light duty and general purpose work. Usually comprised of a straight Aluminium frame, toe plate and wheel guards. Ideal for use in warehouses, picking stations and postal offices.


This upright aluminium truck quickly converts into a platform hand truck; at the press of a lever. Converting into a platform truck will not only ease the load but also increase productivity. The reason is simple, the carrying capacity almost doubles. Featuring semi-pneumatic tyres providing bounce and cushion when transporting goods. As well as this puncture proof tyres, will reduce down-time; no re-inflating or punctures.

Stair Climber

Ideal for when stair use is frequent. User must remember that the carrying capacity decreases on stairs; due to the pressure. The three-wheeled system allows the user to transport heavy and bulky items up and down step and stairs efficiently. This is achieved by the wheels rotating as you pull easing the transition between steps. Ideal for delivery and logistics companies or domestically when users have many stairs to navigate. 



Stair Glides
Cast Aluminium made of low-friction polymer stair glides.
Wheel Guards
Metal wheel guards not only provides the trucks with extra width and stability but also protects the load from wheel spray.
Load Assist
An additional foot plate behind the wheel axel; this will assist the user in pulling the sack truck backwards from transportation.
Frame Extension
To add stability to tall loads

Sack Truck Handles

Truck & Trolleys Direct2U have the ability to build any AluTruk from scratch if you need a truck for a specific purpose. Call our friendly sales team or live chat and we can help you build the truck you need.