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The folding sack trucks we offer can help with a vast majority of different day to day tasks for your workforce. From multi-purpose sack trucks to compact sack trucks, at Direct2U we have sack trucks for every one of your needs. Folding sack trucks may not be able to hold the same capacity as heavy duty ones. However, they are great for storing in areas with limited space. Puncture prof tires and foam rubber handles will allow you to use the sack truck safely and be comfortable when doing so. 

Apart from easy storage, folding sack trucks are also great for being transported to different environments. This is great if you are usually on the move with our work equipment. In addition, it's useful for customers who regularly move heavier items that would otherwise be too heavy to carry alone. Also, folding sack trucks, especially our Aluminium range are very lightweight. This reduces injuries for our customers. 

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The Aluminium folding sack truck has a maximum load capacity of 90kg. Not only does the toe plate fold, the sack truck also folds into a compact size for extra easy storage. This is a great match for someone who is not able to lift heavy items and is in need to transport them. Finally, the product is lightweight meaning there will be no extra baggage and weight when manoeuvring an item in your workplace. 


All of our Folding Sack Trucks are available with speedy delivery. You can expect your sack truck at our doorstep within 3 to 5 days. Please feel free to contact our sales team for anymore information.