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Scissor Lifts Key Features

Our range of industrial quality scissor lift tables are ideal for lifting and transporting large and heavy loads. Lift tables are often used as work platforms, side tables and for transporting heavy items around workshops, warehouse and more. Load the table while the platform is down and raise items up quickly and efficiently, avoiding risk of strain or injury.

At Direct2U we have simplified our range into four categories: Mobile, Static, Tandem and Low Profile. These are the most essential types of lift table. Each of them have different advantages and can cater to a whole range of different budgets and needs.

Mobile Lift Table

This is our most popular range of scissor lift trolleys used in a huge range of industrial areas. This section has its own, more detailed shopping guide at the bottom of the category page.

  • Mobile on swivel castors, with a braked castor to keep it stationary. Ideal for moving items around loading bays and workshops
  • Hydraulic lifting allows these tables to raise with a simple foot-pump action. We also offer a few electric powered options
  • Slow release hand trigger - lower the trolley platform at a slow and safe pace when the trigger is activated
  • Load Capacities - these scissor lift trolleys have load capacities from 150kg all the way up to 1000kg

Static Lift Table

  • Stationary - these lift tables are not designed to be mobile and can be mounted to the floor or placed in to a pit to match the floor level
  • Powered lifting - quickly and easily raised via a hand controller that comes included with the purchase
  • Widely used -  found in places such as airports for unloading pallets and on production lines
  • Load Capacities - This heavy duty range offers capacities from 500kg up to 5000kg

Tandem Lift Tables

  • Synchronised dual scissors with a large worktop and frame provide a great work platform for very long items
  • Stationary - this table type is not mobile and is intended to be fixed in to position for repetitive use
  • Power lifting - these tables are easy to raise via an electric hand controller included with the purchase
  • Load capacities - Heavy Duty range offers huge load capacities from 2000kg to 6000kg

Low Profile Lift Table

  • Low profile platform - pallets can be placed directly on to the top without requiring the table to be installed in to a pit
  • Access ramp - ramp included with purchase to assist with loading pallets from a forklift or hand pallet truck
  • Power lifting - low profile platforms are raised with a control box (incl. with purchase) with free standing motors
  • Load capacities - available from 500kg to 2000kg

We hope you find a Scissor Lift Table that's right for the materials handling in your workplace. Investing in a more ergonomic work space provides your business with the best platform to work efficiently, progress and succeed. With quality checks carried out prior to dispatch, you can be assured that your scissor lift tables will be in perfect working order upon delivery ready to make handling and lifting far easier.

If you have any queries about our products or require a bespoke solution, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Start a Live Chat with our friendly sales team or call us directly on 01922 715 130 for further information about Handling & Lifting from Direct2U.

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