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Low Profile Lift Tables

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Low Profile Lift Tables

Our range of low profile lift tables is designed to lift heavy duty items from the ground. At Direct2u we offer a wide range of low lift tables. This includes lighter duty options to heavy duty options. Our lighter duty lift tables have a load capacity of 500kg. Where as our more heavy duty lift tables start at a load capacity of 1000kg up to 2500kg. Also, our low profile scissor lifts come in different shapes. For example, our lifts come as standard tables and also as U-shaped tables.

You may be asking, what is the difference between a standard low profile and a "U-shaped" scissor lift? The difference is that a standard low profile lift table is used when working with a closed bottom pallet. Yet, a U-shaped low profile lift is designed when dealing with Euro pallets. Due to the Euro pallets having an open bottom, the pallets can be placed onto the platform without a need for a ramp.

Our most popular low profile scissor lift is our one with a 1000kg load capacity. The lift table is CE marked and tested before despatch. This means customers are free to use the lift table as soon as they receive it. Finally, with a lift time of 25 seconds, the low profile lift table will increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Need help choosing which low profile scissor lift is best suited for your wants and needs? Contact our expert sales team here today!