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Static Lift Tables

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Static Scissor Lift Tables

At Direct2U we offer a full range of Static Scissor Lifts. This includes lift with huge load capacities of up to 6000kg. Also lifts with a wide range of platform sizes and lift heights. Customers can be sure we have something suitable for all lifting needs. They can be used in a variety of different ways in different work environments. Popular uses are as an adjustable, super heavy duty work platform. Or, as a vertical static scissor lift. Which thus can be incorporated into a production line. This ensures for easier manufacturing or packing. Our static lift tables are also suitable for indoor and outdoor use! This is due to their long lasting and rust proof material.

Our Static Lift Table Range

We offer a complete range of electric scissor lifting tables. They include double, triple and quadruple lifting mechanisms. These work in the same way as the standard single scissor lift table. However, they do allow for a much higher platform height. These heights can be above 4 meters with a quadruple scissor. Thus ensuring that customers will not have to worry about finding a table that reaches their working height. This is because the lift tables we offer will cover all heights possible!

But what about the load capacity? It's worth considering the balance between lift height and load capacity. As the lift height and number of scissors increase, the load capacity will decrease. This is to make sure lifting is still safe and secure. Most mobile lifting trolleys won't carry as much load capacity due to being portable. However, as most electric lift tables are stationary - customers will have high load capacities to choose from.

We also offer a selection of Tandem Scissor Lift Platforms. These static scissor lifts are perfect for production lines. They have an extra long platform, ideal for handling lengths of steel pipe and timber. A single scissor can't support this extra length so two scissors are placed next to each other to ensure stability. This also helps to increase the load capacity of each table, with the largest being up to a huge 6000kg.

At Direct2u we ensure that all our material handling equipment have a safe working load. With our electric scissor range, this ensure that customers can lift, move, suspend and lower pallets without fear of damage. We understand that many workplaces need to fit their lift table in tight spaces. Which is why we have an unlimited mount of platform and base sizes to cater to all industries. Browse our range or talk to a member of the sales team for bespoke solutions on large orders!

To make lifting items that little bit safer and quicker, browse our optional extras! These include certificates on conformities, tail delivery and next day delivery options.


  • Quick and easy electrically controlled lifting
  • Ideal for loading and lifting heavy pallets
  • Takes the physical strain off the work force for less injuries
  • Improves workflow and speed in production and manufacturing areas
  • Huge load capacities when compared to the manual lifting alternative
  • Multi-use: they can be used as both workstations or scissor lifts

Contact Us!

If you have any queries about our hydraulic scissor lift range please don't hesitate to get in touch. Start a Live Chat with our sales team that will give you all the advice you need. Also, call us on 01922 715 130 for information about Handling & Lifting equipment.