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Typical Uses for Each Trolleys Type

Trucks & Trolleys

Platform Trucks are a vital tool for many workplaces; they protect employees from heavy lifting, are ergonomic and time effective. There are many different styles available online ranging from folding, platform only, up to 4 sided and shovel trucks.

Platform trucks with the choice of up to 4 sides can enable you to carry uneven or unstable loads as sides provide load retention and safety. Folding platform trucks ensure workplace have the ability to move and transport heavy goods and the ability to store a platform truck efficiently, without risk of injury to your team.

Catering & Hospitality
Utility trolley are perfectly designed for clearing or serving tables. Trucks and trolleys Direct2U have a large range of utility trolleys available in many styles, finishes and sizes. With several tiers, available suiting almost any catering or hospitality environment.

Shelf trolley are widely suited to this industry due to the capacity of the shelves offered. Available in many styles: the range includes steel, timber and plastic shelf trolleys. The variety of tasks these trollies are used for are reflected in the size of our range.

Allow the users to use the mobile maintenance stations and mobile fitting & assembly work. Available in many configurations to aid different environments with secure storage of tools and equipment. Heavy duty construction means that these cupboards are robust and secure coupled with lockable compartments; keeping valuable tools and parts safe at all times.

Mini trolleys designed for use in a retail or an order picking environment, where multiple items can be carried to ensure time efficiency and ergonomics. Adjustable baskets ensure that larger items can be carried.

Order Picking Warehouses
Ergonomically designed with safety handles to ensure picking orders is as efficient as it is safe. Designed for warehouse and storerooms for making the tasks of picking stock for orders easier and quicker. Some trolleys feature integral trays making multiple picking trips redundant. Another use for these trolleys is to restock shelves, each tray gives storage facilities and the stairs and handrails make it incredibly easy to reach those top shelves.