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How to Choose a Shelf Trolley for Your Needs

Direct2U offers a huge range of trolley options on wheels. Including welded steel constructions to plastic. Anything from heavy to light duty and many number of shelves are available. As well as having the option to choose between fixed castors and swivel castors. There is a truck for every function. Browse the category page and use the filters on the left-hand side to find the perfect shelf trolley.

Also, our shelf trolleys have durability and stability when in use. Our trolleys are very easy to clean as we manufacture from stainless steel. For work environments that carry a lot of dust, you can be confident that the warehouse trolley can be well kept.

Shelf Trolley Types

Light duty plastic trolleys are available with up to five shelves. They and most suited to education, medical and office environments. They are ideal to aid the movement of paper, office supplies and files. In medical environments, they are convenient for the movement of medical supplies.

Using light duty warehouse trolleys are ideal for small and simple tasks. When we refer to a "lightweight" shelf trolley we often mean loads of 150kg capacity or less. Moving single units of stock from one destination to another tend to be suitable for this range.

Table trolleys are also ideal for warehouses, hospitals and supermarkets. They are popular in these areas due to the height of the top shelf. At 1m tall in most cases, this shelf allows the user to move and place items (like stock) in safe manner.

Some of these tier storage trolleys offer three, four or five shelves. Tiers make them perfect for use in busy stockrooms or order picking facilities. Also, shelf trolleys like these can help make employees more productive. It can often reduce the need to take many trips to move a load. More than one shelf is ideal for any members of staff who help load or unload in warehouses. It can thus speed up the process.

Heavy Duty shelf trolleys are for moving large loads of up to 500kg. They are also coupled with fantastic mobility. This makes them perfect for transporting heavy products. They aid in completing a variety of jobs and provide reliable and sturdy equipment. The primary use of these high quality trolleys include: sorting facilities and warehouses. But is beneficial in office buildings for extra space or transporting files. Sorting packages in warehouses and separating tools in workshops.


Shelf Trolleys


Catering Trolley or serving trolleys move smaller items around any environment. With lipped shelves to ensure load retention, you will never loose items. This is because they roll or slide off these trolleys whilst turning a corner again. Hospitality environments that serve food or clear tables will also enjoy these trolleys. They are also an cost-effective solution for; research labs transporting vials.

ESD shelf trucks are great to use for most applications. Yet, most preferred in electronic workshops where static can become a problem. ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) means releasing static energy when two objects come into contact. For example, like walking across a carpet and touching a metal door knob. Most ESD events are harmless to users but can be costly to electrical equipment. Damage such as latency defects can also occur to items with batteries. So an ESD Shelf Truck would be suitable for moving items like batteries in electrical areas.

ESD shelf trucks ground the charge and remove build-up of static. Static will absorb into the truck and ground. Using an ESD truck is the perfect solution. They are hard wearing and a long-life product; protecting your employees and workspace. These trucks also have uses in laboratories, hospitality industries and warehouses.

Adjustable Shelf Trolleys are great to use in workshops where working items vary in size. These trolleys have a lightweight design. As well as 2 swivel castors and 2 braked castors. This makes transportation and loading easy and quick. The adjustable shelves can cater to different size items the user is moving.

Retail and education environments are also perfect for moving stock and files. Adjustable shelves work with an Allen key to get the exact height needed.

Shelf Trolleys


Handling and Lifting Direct2U provide quick and free shipping within the UK mainland. Some products will even arrive within two working days. As well as competitive prices, we also offer a price match service on like for like products.

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