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Our coin return lockers are fitted with Lowe & Fletcher locks which will accept new and old style £1 coins. The new £1 coins will be introduced in March 2017 which will replace the old circle style £1 coin.

These locks will return the coins when the door is opened by the user, this offers simple operation for multiple users. Simply insert a £1 and the key comes out, the locker will not be able to open again until the user inserts the key. When and only when the key is returned the coin will also be returned. These lockers are ideal for changing or locker rooms in sports and leisure industry.

Some of the advantages of coin return locks is that there is no cash box to vandalise and users have more of an incentive to return the keys to the lockers to retrieve their money.

Coin Retain lockers are very similar to coin return lockers however these locks will retain the coins in a cash box; emptied by the organisation providing the lockers. Ideally used in leisure centres as they can generate an income for the upkeep of the lockers, suited to high volume usage sites.

Advantages of coin retain lockers are to create an income as mentioned above however disadvantages include: a member of staff has to empty the cash box before they become to full. This type of lock could be potentially deemed unfair if someone forget something from their locker and will have to pay twice.

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