Perforated Door Lockers Highlights

Perforated Door Lockers Specification


Perforated door lockers, manufactured by our own factory in the West Midlands, are designed for situations and environments where the need for security, ventilation and maximum visibility combined is important. Lockers come pre-drilled ready for easy nesting on site, enabling the user to create a personalised set of lockers.

  • Lockers are available with a wide range of compartments including 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 doors
  • Two sizes to choose from: H: 1800mm x W: 300mm x D: 300mm or H: 1800mm x W: 450mm x D: 450mm

Design Features

The perforated door lockers are manufactured with rubber buffers and are strengthened to increase security. They are also designed so that the door fits neatly inside the frame, whilst also allowing the door to open a full 180 degrees, granting easy access to all locker compartments. This also makes the lockers very difficult to break into, therefore discouraging theft. To enhance the security of the lockers each compartment is fitted with a standard mastered cam lock (key lock) with 2,000 differs, and security shelves which prevent unauthorised access into any other compartment.

Buy Perforated Door Lockers

  • Single tier lockers come complete with top shelf and coat hook
  • Two tier lockers come fitted with coat hook in each compartment

The perforated lockers carcass is powder coated in light grey as standard with a selection of colour options for the doors, which are:

-          Dark Blue

-          Green

-          Light Blue

-          Grey

-          Red

-          Yellow

Germ Guard Active Technology

The lockers are powder coated with Germ Guard Active Technology paint. Germ Guard is an innovative anti-bacterial paint designed to help improve the hygiene of high usage storage lockers. It has been proven to reduce the spread of MRSA and E.Coli as it reduces the risk of cross contamination. The Germ Guard paint will last the lifetime of the locker ensuring constant good levels of hygiene and germ protection.

Ideal Environments

Perforated door lockers are perfect for environments where security is essential but so is visibility. An example of this is retail staff lockers, where managers can see employee’s lockers if needed without the door being open and conducting a full locker inspection which should keep theft rates low. Another ideal place for perforated door lockers is in the police force for safe keeping of weapons, evidence and staff belongings. They can also be useful in hospitals for safe keeping of medicines and equipment. Workplaces where clothes and uniforms come into contact with strong odours etc. will also benefit from perforated door lockers due to the good ventilation that doors allow.