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Perforated Door Lockers

Perforated Door Lockers
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Perforated Lockers- Maximum Air Flow & Visibility

We make this range of lockers with perforated doors to allow for airflow and/ or increased vision. Perforated Lockers make popular staff lockers. That could be in the commercial and retail sectors. This is due to the increased visibility making it easier to see the contents of each unit. These lockers are perfect for environments where security is essential but so is visibility. They make ideal work lockers and clothes lockers. Especially in the factory and industrial settings. This is due to the increased ventilation allowing clothing inside to air. Choose from a fantastic range of sizes and colours.

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Why choose a Perforated Locker?

The type of locker you choose depends on the purpose it will serve. For example, lockers with short-term use i.e. swimming pools and gyms, won't store users’ contents for more than a couple of hours. So, a standard locker with small vents would be ideal. Yet, you may need your lockers to store clothes and shoes for longer periods. In this instance, we would recommend perforated lockers. The length of time odours could build up from the locker contents plays a major part in this. Perforated doors allow very good airflow and increased visibility of the contents inside.

Where would Perforated Door Lockers be ideal?

Some establishments may want restricted visibility of the contents of their lockers when stored away. In this case, we would suggest looking at lockers with subtle vents. Yet, if you need a lot of ventilation and good visibility of contents, then perforated door lockers will be the go-to option. If you were to store PPE wear or warehouse equipment, these lockers are the most practical choice going forward.

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