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Plastic Lockers

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Plastic Lockers at Direct2U

Plastic Lockers are becoming more and more popular. We have added an entire category which we dedicate to this type of locker. They are fantastic options to have amongst many industries. For example, their durability alone within school environments allows them to stand the test of time. Easy to clean and very hard to damage. We have introduced more options now too. There are plastic locking options available for both dry and wet areas with our coin return locks.

Plastic Lockers

Fortis Plastic Lockers

Our Fortis Lockers come in a variety of sizes. This is to ensure there is a storage solution for everybody and all industries. Small plastic lockers are ideal for primary schools or children’s swimming pools. The great news is that you can stack each of these on top of one another. This means you can nest our small Lockers so that they become suitable in higher education too.

Plastic Storage Options

450, 600 & 900 Choose from 3 available heights and create your own look. We will show 3 examples on the right-hand side of each locker. The standard height of these storage lockers is 1800mm. Use a combination of 4 x 450, 3 x 600 or 2 x 900 high plastic lockers to achieve this. You can also mix and match these sizes. For example - 2 x 450 and 1 x 900 will see your locker sit at 1800mm high. You may not have 1800mm in height to play with, so you could opt to go smaller by selecting 2 x 450 and 1 x 600, this would give you a locker sitting at 1500mm in height. Finally, you can then customise each locker from the 13 colour options available.

Locker Locks

Plastic Lockers

Choose from 4 Locking options There are a total of 4 locking options available with the Fortis Lockers. All with their own features and benefits. The standard cam lock is amongst the most popular. We supply you with 2 keys per locker when selecting the cam lock. Or, there is a swivel lock option. This is a simple twist motion to release the catch. We have also expanded and now include coin return locks. These are excellent for both dry and wet areas and we have 2 different designs based on your choice.

Outdoor Lockers

Our Fortis Lockers are fantastic for outdoor use. Due to the weather-resistant polyethene, they are ideal in all conditions and climates. You won't have any concerns about corrosion or rust. When it comes to using in indoors, they are brilliant in both dry and wet areas. Plastic Lockers have become very popular in swimming pool areas and leisure centres. Their low maintenance and robust construction alone make them even more desirable.

Vandal Resistant

One of the most practical features of owning plastic lockers is their low maintenance. These lockers have incredible durability. They are easy to clean and hard to damage. Whilst these lockers can be used outdoors, this will expose them to elements that metal lockers could not sustain. The polyethene material contributes significantly to our Plastic Lockers' life span.

Accessorise your Lockers

Plastic Lockers

With Sloping Tops and Locker Stands you can maximise the potential of your locker set-up. Both with some fantastic benefits. Sloping tops will prevent the build-up of unwanted clutter and dirt atop your lockers. They also help create a more attractive aesthetic. Locker stands raise your lockers roughly 150mm off the ground. This allows for easier access to the base of the locker. It also means easy access for cleaning underneath and the backs of each locker.

Contact Us

If there are a number of lockers that you need or if you have any questions in regard to our range of plastic lockers, please get in touch with us via telephone, email or web chat right here