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School Lockers

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School Lockers at Direct2U

Our extensive range of school lockers are suitable for schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. All our lockers are hard-wearing making them perfect for high-traffic areas. Each of our lockers uses an anti-bacterial agent in the paintwork lowering the transfer of bacteria and leading to a safer and cleaner environment.


Primary school lockers are ideal for younger users with a height range of up to 1380mm. These lockers are also perfect for locations with height restrictions such as windows, low ceilings, etc. For older users in secondary schools, colleges, and universities, we would recommend full-height lockers to offer the most school storage. These lockers are also very easy to clean. The anti-bacterial powder-coated finish makes it easy for them to be washed down and leathered. This will leave them looking like new. Lockers are the perfect storage solution for school children. This storage space allows them to keep their personal belongings and school equipment safe.


All our primary lockers fall under the category of low locker. These range from 955mm high to 1325mm high. The most stand-out feature of our school lockers is their low height. They are suitable for all key stages. This allows pupils access to their personal belongings with ease.

School Lockers


You can upgrade your locking option with most of our School Lockers. Upgrade from standard cam lock to swivel locks (hasp locks), coin return, coin retain and more. Coin Locks are suitable for sports halls or changing rooms for activities. However, cam locks and swivel locks are suitable for corridor lockers. You can also choose Combination locks. These offer extra security with digital custom combinations.


Sloping tops are essential in busy, school environments. They are a simple and effective way to stop litter collecting on top and make cleaning easier. There is a wide range of accessories to add including lock upgrades, sloping tops and door labels.


1. Which lockers would you recommend for Primary Schools?

TUFF Lockers

We could recommend several lockers for Primary Schools. As pupil's ages range between 5 and 11 at this level, the height of the lockers can play a part in their suitability. Generally, we would recommend our 955mm high TUFF Education Lockers for reception/entry pupils. We can also offer TUFF Education lockers at 1235mm High and 1380mm High. Follow the link below and discover the best School Lockers for your pupils.

2. Which lockers would you recommend for Secondary Schools and higher education?

There are many locker options to consider when it comes to secondary schools, colleges, and universities. Durability is key throughout the school corridors so we would recommend steel body lockers. Our TUFF 1800mm High Lockers are the most popular for secondary schools. Water-resistant lockers near swimming pools and changing rooms, as well as water-resistant locks.

3. Can our students use their padlocks to lock their lockers?

Yes. You can upgrade the locking mechanism on our lockers (for just 1p each lock!) so that each door has a swivel latch lock fitted to it. This means that your students can lock their lockers with their padlock and key. Our school lockers come fitted as standard with a cam lock. Please get in touch to find out more.

4. Are your lockers delivered fully assembled or flat-packed?

All our lockers are delivered fully assembled. Depending on whether you order 1 locker or multiple lockers, some assembly will be required. Each locker is pre-drilled and ready for nesting. So, if you order more than one locker unit, nesting them together is simple. Doors and locks are fitted before delivery too. Locker stands and sloping tops are also fitted before delivery if they are part of your order.

5. Can we request a site visit to our school? If so, how much are they?

Yes. We highly recommend scheduling a site visit with us. We get to understand the space that we're working with. Combine this with gaining an understanding of what you want. This allows us to tick all the right boxes for you. Our site visits are free and there is no obligation to proceed with purchasing anything. We provide expert advice with years of experience and knowledge behind us.

6. We know which lockers we want to order. Can you send us a quote?

Yes. If you already know which lockers you want to order we can send you a quote right away. We confirm the full price and delivery times based on the lockers you want. We also 'price-match promise' against like-for-like products. We promise to beat any like-for-like quotation by 5%. Get in touch with us to find out more.


All our lockers include free delivery to UK mainland. Please get in touch to find out more regarding working days. If you need any help choosing your product, get in touch using our live chat or call us.