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Tablet & Phone Lockers

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Tablet and Phone Charging Lockers

We're incredibly reliant on mobile phones and tablets in everyday life, using them at home but also in the workplace and schools. Safe and secure storage of these devices is paramount. So, we have introduced Tablet Charging Lockers to our library of lockers.

Our range contains both storage and charging lockers to offer the best solution for your needs. We have lockers to accommodate anything from 4 to 32 devices in a single unit. Our storage charging lockers are great for leaving your devices during the day, knowing that they are secured away. The most popular form of phone storage is a charging locker. This not only lets you secure your devices but also allows you to charge them.


All of our tablet & phone charging lockers will come with either a standard 3-pin plug or USB sockets in each of the compartments. All of these are powered by a single plug directly into the wall. Choose from 8, 10 and 16-compartment lockers. Additionally, our brand-new range of Tablet lockers comes equipped with USB A and C sockets. View the range here. No need for a plug, simply take your standard USB cable plug it in directly and leave your tablet or phone to charge.


As well as adding a new range of charging lockers for phones and laptops, the demand to charge working tools is also very high. Therefore, we now have a range of lockers that cater for this. Explore our new ToolBox 3-Pin and USB Charging Lockers. These lockers are built with 4 compartments and 2 charging ports in each compartment.

TUFF Lockers


We have an array of charging lockers for sale; explore USB lockers here and 3-Pin Lockers here.

With our new tablet lockers, you can choose from single doors or multiple doors to match the amount of compartments you have. Also, with an extraordinary 13 colours to choose from, you can find the perfect locker to match the theme you're looking for. As we modernise connecting and charging our devices, our lockers follow suit, designed for the future. As a result, you can charge your phone and tablets with USB Type A and USB Type C charging ports. Choose up to 16 compartments from this range as well as your preferred charging option.

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If you need any help choosing the right lockers for your phones and tablets, get in touch. Give us a call or contact our sales team using the live chat. Someone will be on hand to help you find what you're looking for.