Wet Area Lockers Specification

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When purchasing lockers for wet areas a standard locker will not be as durable or have the longevity usually associated with it when installed in a dry environment. This is because when mild grade steel is used within wet or damp areas it is often prone to rust. Wet area lockers are specifically designed and manufactured to prevent rust from occurring. This particular range of wet area lockers are manufactured in the UK in our own factory situated in the West Midlands.


  • They are constructed from pre-coated galvanised steel which is the most appropriate type of steel to use for wet or damp environments and areas where frequent washing down is required.
  • To ensure every part of the locker is suitable for wet environments the additional fittings, such as the mastered cam locks, are moisture resistant for superior durability.
  • This range is available in two different sizes which are as follows: H1800 x W300 x D300 (mm) and H1800 x W300 x D450 (mm).
  • The lockers can also be purchased as single, 2, 3, 4 and 6 compartment lockers.
  • The full range of wet area lockers are powder coated in a choice of 6 colours using Germ Guard Active Technology paint. The choice of colours includes green, light grey, dark blue, yellow, light blue and red.

Design Features

  • The wet area lockers are manufactured to a high quality, with a heavy duty frame constructed from 1.5mm steel for greater strength and security compared to standard lockers. This added strength and security makes them suitable for the storage of personal effects as well as more valuable items.
  • The locker doors are also strengthened with door stiffeners which prevent any twisting and bending, and have hinges that are 75mm deep.
  • The overall security of the lockers is increased through the use of a lateral security beam and security shelves which are used to create the individual locker compartments.
  • A 300 x 300 compartment locker should be sufficient for the storage of personal effects such as clothing and bags. For larger items like kit bags a deeper locker may be more suitable.
  • The single compartment lockers feature a top shelf and coat hook and the two compartment lockers are fitted with a coat hook in each compartment as standard.

Further accessories are available which allow the lockers to be customised with sloping tops, numbered plates and extra shelves (to name a few) for individual specifications. Wet area lockers as ideal storage solutions for changing rooms, leisure centres, industrial wet areas and food preparation plants.

Germ Guard Active Technology

Germ Guard Active Technology is an anti-bacterial paint which reduces the risk of cross contamination and has been proven to reduce the spread of bacterial such as MRSA and E-Coli. It is ideal to have when the lockers are used frequently and by multi-persons, such as in public areas like leisure centres. The use of anti-bacterial paint is also essential when purchasing lockers for food preparation areas where good levels hygiene is paramount and the prevention of the spread of bacteria extremely important.