Matting Direct2U is part of a network of specialist websites dedicated to providing quality matting & flooring solutions for the office, factory, school, or leisure centre. We have carefully selected our ranges for their competitive prices, product performance and availability. We work closely with our suppliers to bring you mats tailored to your needs!

We specialise in anti-fatigue matting, mats for harsh conditions in the workplace, ESD matting for floors and benches. Our mats and rolls are available in standard lengths, but can also be customised to your needs. Our selection of mats offers fatigue-fighting, anti-slip, anti-static, and oil-resistant properties.

Incorporate looks and utility at building entrances & exits with our entrance mats, available in tasteful and colourful finishes. We can also help you build an impression with our logo & custom print mats. Leisure centres & schools can find anti-slip matting for swimming pools & changing rooms in our Leisure Matting category.

More about our ranges of matting & flooring:

Our workplace matting range lets you choose the perfect floor mat for your industry. This could be for welding stations, machine shops, warehouses, or factories. Whether you work in a dry, wet, or oily environment, we have a mat for you! Most of these mats are made in the grid style, trapping swarf, and adding some slip resistance underfoot. A grid or hole design also helps drain spilled liquids.

Anti-fatigue matting is our most popular range, with competitive prices and a variety of finishes depending on the work environment. Most of our anti-fatigue mats are available with a bright yellow edge, a safety feature that reduces the risk of slips & trips. Anti-fatigue mats are a welcome addition to any workplace where employees are required to stand all day. May it be packing bays, reception desks, laboratories or even offices, employees can use some cushioning & grip underfoot as well as a break from cold, hard floors.

ESD matting are anti-static mats that fight against electrostatic discharges. These mats are usually made of rubber or foam and neutralise the ESD. This is useful in distribution, automotive and manufacturing industries, as well as workplaces that handle delicate electronic components. ESD mats can be used on the floor or on top of workbenches, which also absorb the shock of falling objects and protects electronics.

Our wide range of entrance mats are designed for indoor or outdoor usage. Whether you are looking for a practical or aesthetic solution, our mats are guaranteed to combine both and give you the best of both worlds! Choose between standard size mats or matting tiles designed to cover larger or custom-sized areas. If you are looking for a custom design, make sure to view our Logomat, where you can welcome customers and guests with your personalised message.

Hygiene is a top priority in leisure centres and changing rooms. That's why all our leisure mats prevent the build-up of dirt, the breeding of microbes, and provide a sterile floor surface. Our leisure mats can also be used on boats, around swimming pools, in changing areas as well as in kitchens.

Our flooring category offers slip-resistance for floors, staircases, and outdoor areas. We've tailored these products for workshops, garages & workplaces that could use some extra grip. We recommend our range of floor tape & paints to warehouses and factories. Our colourful floor marking tape, hazard tape and safety tape can be used together to create a floor marking colour scheme.

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