About Matting Direct2U

Matting Direct2U is part of the Direct2U Network, a UK leading supplier of industrial equipment. This specialist website is dedicated to a wide range of anti-fatigue matting, workplace flooring, industrial matting, ESD mats and safety flooring solutions. We pride ourselves in having a quality product offering, all with Free Delivery to UK Mainland.

Our range of matting was historically offered on our Safety Direct2U website. As the product range and our team grew, we were able to dedicate a website to matting and flooring products, so that they could shine: Matting Direct2U was born!

Range of commercial mats for the workplace

Anti-fatigue matting for workplace well-being

Anti-Fatigue Matting

Whatever range of mats you need, we offer a wide range of standing mats designed to improve workers’ well-being in the workplace! Musculoskeletal disorders are slowly plaguing our industries, as repetitive movements, and long periods of standing lead to fatigue, chronic pain and many working days lost.

That is where anti-fatigue matting can help. A physical barrier between workers and hard cold flooring, these fatigue-fighting mats provide cushioning and comfort. The layer transforms hours of static standing into micromovements that enhance blood circulation.

Industrial matting to improve safety at work

Industrial Matting

The industrial workplace is a minefield of hazards. Whether it’s greasy slippery floors, debris-covered work areas or slip and trip hazards, the workplace could always use some more protection!

Our range of industrial mats provide additional grip underfoot to workers and have tapered edges to prevent trips. Most of our mats are available with a bright coloured edge for additional visibility. Matting with holes or grid designs are efficient at trapping swarf for a faster clean up. And our range of grease and oil-resistant matting is ever-growing.

ESD and anti-static matting for electrical protection

ESD Matting

The Electronics industry requires a subtler approach to matting, and we’re happy to provide that! We offer a range of anti-static mats that are non-conductive and provide protection against electrostatic discharges.

For a creative twist, we recommend using some of our mats on worktops for more fragile electronic components. We continue to improve our ESD mat range to include additional accessories to use with high voltage equipment.

Entrance matting designed to make an impression

Entrance Matting

When it comes to offices and reception areas, you can use functionality and style to express personality. The role of an entrance mat is to trap dirt, debris, and water to protect indoor floorings from damage. Churning through a high number of entrance mats per year might be a sign you need better commercial mats.

Our experts can help you to choose the right material, length, and colour to match your interior. We can also help you with a range of outdoor doormats to make the most impactful impression to visitors.

Leisure matting for increased safety in facilities

Leisure Matting

Fun and relaxation are the main focus of visitors in leisure centres. However hazards are rampant, as wet floors and bacterial infections are likely to create disasters if left unchecked. You can help achieve a safe area for them to relax in by reducing the number of hazards in activities.

Leisure mats reduce slips, prevent bacterial cross-contamination, and provide a dry and comfortable area to walk on. We carefully selected a range of mats for pools, gyms and changing areas. Our range can also be used in kitchens, wet work areas and outdoors.

Improving floor and stair safety, step by step

Floor & Stair Safety

Visiting stairways and walkways daily can make those areas seem hazard-free. However, slips, trips and falls are still a safety issue being tackled by the HSE. Small steps can be taken to reduce those risks in the workplace, such as adding adequate lighting, adding more visible edges, and improving landings.

We offer a wide range of stair nosing, treads, and anti-slip tape & sheets. Many of our products come in bright and colourful finishes to improve awareness in the workplace!

Specialist knowledge and technical support

Our customer services and marketing teams have expert knowledge in our product ranges and can assist you in choosing the right product for your needs. Our product managers and buyers continuously review our matting ranges to ensure that you get the most affordable options while ensuring the highest quality of service.

We promise to match any quote

Price Promise

We promise to match any like for like quotation. We pride ourselves in maintaining a quality relationship with our suppliers and continue to build key manufacturing connections throughout the UK and Europe. Based in the West Midlands, we are well-positioned to serve the UK and provide speedy services to UK customers!

Free delivery to UK mainland as standard

Free Delivery

As a standard, we offer Free Delivery to UK Mainland on all orders. We aim to be transparent with our customers and have no hidden delivery charges. Our best-selling mats are in stock and ready to quick despatch to reach you within 3 working days. We also offer custom length mats on a slightly longer lead time.

Free site survey & installation services

Site Survey Service

For larger projects, we offer a Free Site Survey and Installation service. Our trained representatives will visit you when it is convenient for you and will recommend the best products and bring samples upon request. They will assist you throughout your purchasing and installation process with us to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience!