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More on our range of anti-fatigue mats

What is Work Fatigue?

Standing at work can cause tiredness, aching backs and swollen legs. This is due to the physical stress from prolonged periods of standing. Taking regular breaks and changing between sitting and standing is a useful way to reduce this. If possible, consider height adjustable workbenches and desks to help alternate between standing and sitting. Wearing supportive footwear with ergonomic soles for added comfort is also essential. And yes, our range of anti-fatigue mats can definitely help!

Our range of ergonomic mats is specifically designed to reduce the strain of standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time. They will help reduce fatigue, prevent stiffness in joints, musculoskeletal disorders and promote a healthy posture.

How do Anti-Fatigue Mats work?

Anti Fatigue Mats encourage regular foot movement as the feet won't lay exactly flat with the surface of the mat. This subtle movement helps the leg muscles to contract and expand, helping the heart pump blood from and towards our muscles! Although while standing we aren't doing much with our leg muscles, a soft protective layer helps turn static standing into micro movements.

When we stand, our circulatory system is put under pressure, and even more so when we stand for longer periods of time. The heart tends to work harder as it moves blood throughout the body. When standing in a static position, the circulation of blood becomes strained and leads to physical fatigue. Our natural response is to shift weight from one leg to the other, but our legs need much more support than that! The textured surfaces of our mats ensure that we keep moving without even realising it.

Safety mats also have excellent anti-slip properties. This not only helps to prevent slips and trips but also offers the user a very stable footing whilst standing.

What areas can benefit from Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Fatigue relief mats for dry work areas

Foam Anti Fatigue Mats

Workers standing throughout their shifts at picking and packing stations can benefit from the fatigue-relief properties of anti-fatigue mats. We recommend continuous rolls of matting to ensure consistent coverage for assembly lines. Ideal for Manufacturing, Distribution & Warehousing.

Anti-slip properties for additional grip

Ribbed Anti Fatigue Matting

We highly recommend matting with a surface texture for additional underfoot grip. This ensures that employees get additional anti-slip protection at all times. Hospitality, Engineering and Automotive industries can benefit from this feature.

Support for office & reception areas

Orthomat Office Matting

Employees that stand at desks can benefit from additional support throughout the day. We offer discreet and premium finishes for offices, hotels and reception areas. This boosts productivity in the workplace for the Hospitality, Retail and Education industries.

What Materials are anti-fatigue mats usually made of?

Insulating and flexible Rubber anti fatigue mats

Rubber Anti Fatigue Matting

Our Natural Rubber mats are flexible and durable, an ideal option for workplaces that require versatile flooring. Softer rubber mats are ideal for workers who remain standing for longer periods of time, while hard rubber mats can provide support for workers who will likely walk around.

Foam mats for fatigue-fighting comfort

Foam Anti Fatigue Matting

Foam matting is the best choice to provide fatigue-relief for standing workers as it is comprised of trapped pockets of air or gas, creating a softer support. This ensures that workers' feet are always well-supported and encourages blood circulation in the lower half of the body.

How thick should an anti-fatigue mat be?

Thinner ergonomic mats for more stability

Thin Orthomat Premium

For areas where employees are expected to walk regularly, thinner but more stable matting will provide a softer floor insulation. We recommend rolls of 7 to 9mm thickness. Remember, thicker isn't always better!

Standard thickness for the daily grind

Standard Comfortlok

Where daily tasks require a mixture of walking and standing, we recommend anti-fatigue matting that can provide sufficient support yet thin enough to walk on comfortably. Standard mat thickness is 10 to 13mm.

Ultimate support for static standing tasks

Thick Bubblemat

For unparalleled comfort while standing throughout the day, we recommend thicker mats (14mm+) to allow for better micro-movements. These mats are usually sold as units as you only required a small area of support.

what mat Performance features to look out for?

Anti-fatigue matting with bright safety edges

Safety Anti Fatigue Matting

Areas that need additional safety can benefit from work mats with brightly-coloured edges. Our most popular mats are available with yellow safety edges and in rolls or custom lengths.

Safety mats designed to meet strict standards

Oil & Chemical Anti Fatigue Matting

Our range of products have been tested to meet the highest standards, such as fire-retardancy, high-voltage (ESD), oil/chemical resistance and slip resistance.

Work comfort in extreme temperature areas

Welding Anti Fatigue Matting

Depending on the working conditions of workers, our matting can withstand extremely cold and hot environments. Check our product descriptions for more information.

Need your anti-fatigue mat delivered asap?

Fast UK Delivery Matting

Finally, if you need your matting as fast as possible, most of our products are available on a 3 Day Delivery lead. Look out for the green codes in our product tables for our fast delivery items. Most custom length or cut to length mats are on a 5 Day Delivery Lead. Just so you know, our matting is available in mats, rolls or you can specify a custom length!