Floor & Stair Safety

Anti-Slip Safety Stair Nosing Anti-Slip GRP Flooring Sheets
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Workshop & Garage Flooring

Quality PVC flooring designed for industrial applications and built to last in harsh environments. Available as tiles for custom floor sizes and unconventional layouts.

Floor tiles available for the following applications:
  • Workshops, machine shops and garages
  • Warehouses, factories, and industrial settings
  • Retail and commercial settings
Garage flooring features:
  • PVC manufactured for flexibility
  • Resistant to oil, chemicals, and high temperatures
  • Can withstand heavy machinery traffic
  • Textured surface for added slip-resistance
  • Anti-fatigue properties & insulation from cold floors
  • Easy to maintain, to move and reuse


Multi-purpose Stud Flooring

Vinyl flooring with stud design is available in different stud sizes and can be used for covering large areas in minutes. Can be cut to fit custom floor shape or layouts.

Stud flooring for medium duty applications:
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Airports and high traffic areas
  • Garages and workshops
  • Sports and leisure centres
  • Schools and laboratories
Stud flooring features:
  • Vinyl construction is resistant to chemicals, oils, and acid
  • Anti-slip texture for preventing slips and trips
  • Fire-tested material is resistant to high temperatures
  • Available in several bright or discreet colours


Workplace Stair Safety

Reduce the risks of slips, trips, and falls in stairways with added safety features. Safe stairs are slip-resistant, offer handrails, and have highly visible treads.

For application in stairways:
  • Indoor staircases in dark walkways or awkward areas
  • Outdoor stairways in wet or snow-prone areas
  • Grid platforms and steps
Improve safety in stairways:
  • Install yellow stair nosing or treads
  • Add slip-resistant tape & tiles on irregular stairs
  • Aluminium treads for less stable stairs and platforms
  • Add anti-slip sheets on landings and hallways