Our Leisure Matting category is the best place to look if you are hunting for matsor flooring that are slip-resistant, have excellent draining properties and are hygienic. Wet areas such as swimming pools, changing rooms and leisure centre walkways can greatly benefit from our mats.

Did you know that the most common causes of infections are:

  • A floor surface that is difficult to clean or disinfect
  • Direct skin contact with contaminated surfaces
  • Poor housekeeping habits such as not cleaning spills immediately

Unfortunately for leisure centres and swimming pools, a wet and dark area buzzing with people is a sure place for the transmission of bacteria. Our matting can help provide a protective layer that is easy to clean and replace!

Leisure Matting Materials

Plastic PVC Matting is the safest, most flexible and most hygienic material. It prevents the buildup of dirt and the breeding of microbes, providing a sterile floor surface. EVA Matting, also known as Foam Rubber, is a softer and UV-resistant material that provides good padding and shock-absorbing properties. EVA Matting is also tough at low temperatures and has good stress-crack resistance. Our mats are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and come in a range of colours to match any décor. If you know the exact dimensions of the area you wish to cover, our wet area mats come as rolls or modular tiles! Any area, however large or small can be covered.

Our Weight Room Mats are perfect gym matting. They are deisgned to absorb the impact of any heavy weights on the floor and to provide users with a firm, anti-slip footing.

What are the applications of Leisure and Wet Area Matting?

Flooring for Marine and Boating Activities

Our range of slip-resistant matting can help boat owners, marine clubs, gyms, and hotels by:

  • Adding underfoot grip for safety
  • Providing support and cushioning for comfort
  • Adding an anti-bacterial flooring layer for hygiene
  • Reinforcing any décor colour or by keeping it simple

These mats and flooring products can be used in waterparks, children’s wet play areas, indoor and outdoor walkways such as marine decks.

Mats for Swimming Pools and Shower Areas

Our range of barefoot and wetside matting can help schools, hotels, and leisure centres by:

  • Creating a simple drainage and air circulation system
  • Adding a protective layer between hot surfaces and feet
  • Being simple to install and remove for surface cleaning
  • Maintaining the highest standards of hygiene

Not only can these mats be used near outdoor swimming pool decks, they can also be used indoors in changing and locker rooms, in saunas, spas and ablution areas. School play areas can highly benefit from the anti-bacterial properties and from the additional cushioning to prevent accidents.

Floor Mats for Food Processing and Kitchens

You can repurpose our range of wetside matting by using its slip-resistance, draining and hygienic properties for industrial applications.

Food and beverage display is much more attractive when spills are hidden from sight. Shelves can be lined with a single layer to avoid items entering in contact with unhygienic materials. When it comes to food preparation, cleanliness and drainage are important factors.

Our matting is also resistant to grease and oil, and helps direct spillages away from busy feet!

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Make the most of our Free Site Survey service - one of our trained representatives will visit your leisure centre or workplace and make matting and flooring recommendations to suit your budget and requirements. Upon request, we can also provide a Free Product Sample so that you can see and feel our leisure mats! Our products are available with a Free Delivery Service to UK Mainland. Check our individual Leisure Matting Products for the Delivery Times.

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