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What are Workplace Mats?

Workers who spend most of their day standing face many obstacles in their day-to-day activities. This includes cold floors, oil or chemical spills, wet and damp floors or extremely high temperatures. Workplace Matting is a solution that a vast amount of employers are moving towards to help improve conditions for their workforce.

Each product is designed to help them combat the harsh conditions of any industrial workplace. They are an incredibly effective way to improve workplace health and safety, providing staff with additional support and comfort. Not only will this have an immediate effect on comfort, these mats will also reduce staff injuries over time. Many people have time off because of the injuries they recieve from repetitive strain but these mats will help reduce this over time.

What areas can benefit from industrial matting?

Matting for dry industrial areas

Industrial Mat for Dry Areas

Industrial matting designed for dry work areas that are indoors, and that don't require any water or oil resistance. Ideal for applications in Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Hospitality industries. Most dry area matting provides anti-static properties.

Matting for wet floors & areas

Industrial Mat for Wet Areas

Work areas that are generally wet, outdoors or slippery will benefit greatly from our water-resistant matting. Ideal for application in Manufacturing, Military and Distribution industries. Matting designed for safety and to help fight slips..

Oil-resistant mats for slippery work floors

 Industrial Mat for Oily Areas

Matting resistant to grease, oil and water, highly sought in industries such as Food Processing, Automotive and Manufacturing. Ideal for indoor or outdoor work areas such as garages and workshops.

What materials are industrial mats usually made of?

Flexible & insulating Rubber matting

Rubber Workplace Matting

Our Natural Rubber mats are flexible and durable, an ideal option for workplaces that require versatile flooring. Softer rubber mats are ideal for workers who remain standing for longer periods of time, while hard rubber mats can provide support for workers who will likely walk around.

Anti-fatigue foam matting for that extra support

Foam Workplace Matting

Foam matting is the best choice to provide fatigue-relief for standing workers as it is comprised of trapped pockets of air or gas, creating a softer support. This ensures that workers' feet are always well-supported and encourages blood circulation in the lower half of the body.

Durable & hard-wearing PVC matting

 PVC Workplace Matting

PVC or Vinyl matting is an inexpensive yet hard-wearing option for harsher environments. Resistant to oil, grease and water, it is an ideal choice for garages and kitchens that need a heavy duty solution that provides some fatigue-relief. Sometimes, the softest mats aren't always the best choice!

How can industrial matting improve daily tasks?

Flat & comfortable standing mats

Workplace Anti-Fatigue Matting

Smooth finishes are preferred for workers who stay indoors and do not need to walk around too much. Bubble matting has smaller pockets of air or material for additional cushioning. One of the more comfortable options for the workplace!

Raised & textured mats to reduce slips

Anti-Slip Industrial Matting

Ribbed and fluted matting is the perfect choice to combat slips, and provide more grip than smooth finishes. Mats with a diamond finish are effective slip-resistant additions to the workplace, all while allowing full, antislip contact with shoes.

Mats with drain channels for wet floors

Drainage Wet Matting

Grid matting is the most effective in draining liquids such as water or oils. Choose between rectangular, square, smaller or larger grids. Matting with holes scrape dirt or debris off shoes and combined with raised designs, can help fight slips!

What mat performance features to look out for?

Workplace mats with bright safety edge

Safety Workplace Matting

Areas that need additional safety can benefit from mats with brightly-coloured edges. Our most popular mats are available with yellow safety edges and in rolls or custom lengths.

Rigorously tested mats to comply with safety standards

Oil & Chemical Workplace Matting

Our range of products have been tested to meet the highest standards, such as fire-retardancy, high-voltage (ESD), oil/chemical resistance and slip resistance.

Work mats to withstand extreme temperatures

Welding Workplace Matting

Depending on the working conditions of workers, our mats can withstand extremely cold and hot environments. Check our product descriptions for more information.

Need your matting delivered asap?

Fast UK Delivery Matting

Finally, if you need your matting as fast as possible, most of our products are available on a 3 Day Delivery lead. Look out for the green codes in our product tables for our fast delivery items. Most custom length or cut to length mats are on a 5 Day Delivery Lead. Just so you know, our matting is available in mats, rolls or you can specify a custom length!