Canteen Fast Food Units

Canteen furniture buyers guide:

Canteen and bistro furniture are key in providing the right environment for employees in their break times. Here are our top tips on how to make the most of your canteen, regardless of size and budget. As a result of following these tips you are guaranteed design success:

1. Be creative

First of all, don’t restrict the colour scheme of canteen chairs to the classic blue or black. There are so many fun colour combinations to choose from. In addition, the Hinton and the Drayton in our Fast Food Units range to inject a burst of colour.

2. Don’t scrimp on seating

Secondly, providing ample seating will encourage staff to take breaks together and get to know each other better. Sharing stories and ideas can be highly positive for not only morale but also progression in work. Our new contemporary bench ranges are an ideal way to provide plenty of seating without compromising on space or style.

3. Think green

While natural light is best, it’s not always possible. If there is a lack of natural light in your canteen, be sure to add adequate artificial lighting. A great canteen isn’t just about the canteen furniture you choose. Plants, decorations and art are features that employees consider important according to surveys.

4. Suit yourself

Not all canteens need to serve the same purpose. We offer many ranges to suit any requirement. If your premises are a factory or experiences high amount of traffic throughout the day, our robust fast food units are ideal. Similarly, if you are a school looking for easy clean and a low-cost solution budget canteen unit would be perfect.

Alternatively, if there’s plenty of space and plenty in the budget then the options are endless. Companies wanting to portray and maintain a professional vibe, a wooden or gloss finish range would suit. On the other hand, some businesses are focused on fun and vibrancy where a colourful range would suit.

5. Al fresco

Lastly, don’t limit break areas to being indoor only. Allow employees chance to dine al fresco with our great range of outdoor furniture. Getting people out and about, away from their desks can boost productivity and wellness. Soak up the rays and get some vitamin D in the summer time by eating outdoors.

Struggling to find the colour or design you’re looking for? Speak to our sales team and we are happy to help.