Social Spaces

Contemporary office design no longer requires contained areas for specific use. We are now choosing to use space freely and however necessary. Over the past decade, work space design has evolved into using the same space for a multitude of roles. Meeting rooms don’t need to be formal with beech tables and traditional chairs. Likewise, canteens and break out rooms aren’t just for eating. Gone are the claustrophobic booths and cubicles of 90’s offices and in are communal work areas. All products in our social spaces category can be customised and made to bespoke requirements. We have hand chosen our favourite combinations to provide inspiration and ideas.

Allow workers to share ideas freely and without constraints by using an open work space. On the other hand, with an open work space there can be a lot of noise. To ensure this is controlled and kept to a suitable level we recommend the use of acoustic panels. Our acoustic panels and office partitions are not your traditional ‘ugly’ panels. Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, these acoustic panels can be customised to suit all work spaces.

If too much open space doesn’t work for your business, there are other ways of zoning spaces other than walls. Our new acoustic pods and ‘hubs’ provide noise reduction and concealment. Furthermore, there is a choice of short or tall screens depending on the level of privacy needed. Pods and hubs can be used for solo and concentrated working, video calls or private phone calls.

Similarly, the high back, acoustic seating on offer in this range is perfect for informal meetings. The versatile seating in the social spaces range can be used anywhere from waiting rooms to break out spaces etc. Almost all products in the range is made to order and can be customised.

Comfort is a key ingredient to productivity. It’s a simple rule that if people are not comfortable they will not produce their best work or ideas. Also, when stimulated by your environment you are more likely to have creative thoughts and positive intentions. Colour and patterns are an ideal way to inject life and fun into office spaces – particularly rented spaces that can’t be altered too much.