Trestan Fixed Canteen Benches

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Trestan Canteen Range is a modern, sleek and stylish solution to all canteen needs

  • Bench seating system provides high capacity seating
  • Robust and heavy duty construction
  • Impact resistant edges
  • Easy clean surfaces
  • 19 frame colour options
  • 20 top colour options (selection available online - call us for more options)
  • Optional upholstered seat pads available upon request
  • 5 years manufacurers guarantee

Technical Information:

  • 3 x dimensions available
  • W1000 x D280 x H450mm
  • W1600 x D280 x H450mm
  • W21000 x D280 x H450mm
110832336BHW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmOakBeech
110832336BKW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmOakBlack
110832336OKW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmOakOak
110832336WEW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmOakWhite
110832336WGW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmOakWenge
110832336WTW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmOakWalnut
110832336ZOW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmOakZebrano
110832337BHW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmZebranoBeech
110832337BKW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmZebranoBlack
110832337OKW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmZebranoOak
110832337WEW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmZebranoWhite
110832337WGW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmZebranoWenge
110832337WTW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmZebranoWalnut
110832337ZOW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmZebranoZebrano
110832338BHW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmBeechBeech
110832338BKW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmBeechBlack
110832338OKW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmBeechOak
110832338WEW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmBeechWhite
110832338WGW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmBeechWenge
110832338WTW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmBeechWalnut
110832338ZOW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmBeechZebrano
110832339BHW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWalnutBeech
110832339BKW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWalnutBlack
110832339OKW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWalnutOak
110832339WEW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWalnutWhite
110832339WGW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWalnutWenge
110832339WTW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWalnutWalnut
110832339ZOW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWalnutZebrano
110832340BHW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWengeBeech
110832340BKW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWengeBlack
110832340OKW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWengeOak
110832340WEW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWengeWhite
110832340WGW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWengeWenge
110832340WTW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWengeWalnut
110832340ZOW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWengeZebrano
110832341BHW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWhiteBeech
110832341BKW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWhiteBlack
110832341OKW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWhiteOak
110832341WEW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWhiteWhite
110832341WGW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWhiteWenge
110832341WTW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWhiteWalnut
110832341ZOW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmWhiteZebrano
110832342BHW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmBlackBeech
110832342BKW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmBlackBlack
110832342OKW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmBlackOak
110832342WEW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmBlackWhite
110832342WGW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmBlackWenge
110832342WTW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmBlackWalnut
110832342ZOW1000 x D280 x H450mm1000mmBlackZebrano
110832343BHW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmOakBeech
110832343BKW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmOakBlack
110832343OKW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmOakOak
110832343WEW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmOakWhite
110832343WGW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmOakWenge
110832343WTW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmOakWalnut
110832343ZOW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmOakZebrano
110832344BHW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmZebranoBeech
110832344BKW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmZebranoBlack
110832344OKW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmZebranoOak
110832344WEW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmZebranoWhite
110832344WGW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmZebranoWenge
110832344WTW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmZebranoWalnut
110832344ZOW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmZebranoZebrano
110832345BHW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmBeechBeech
110832345BKW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmBeechBlack
110832345OKW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmBeechOak
110832345WEW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmBeechWhite
110832345WGW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmBeechWenge
110832345WTW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmBeechWalnut
110832345ZOW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmBeechZebrano
110832346BHW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWalnutBeech
110832346BKW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWalnutBlack
110832346OKW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWalnutOak
110832346WEW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWalnutWhite
110832346WGW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWalnutWenge
110832346WTW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWalnutWalnut
110832346ZOW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWalnutZebrano
110832347BHW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWengeBeech
110832347BKW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWengeBlack
110832347OKW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWengeOak
110832347WEW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWengeWhite
110832347WGW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWengeWenge
110832347WTW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWengeWalnut
110832347ZOW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWengeZebrano
110832348BHW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWhiteBeech
110832348BKW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWhiteBlack
110832348OKW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWhiteOak
110832348WEW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWhiteWhite
110832348WGW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWhiteWenge
110832348WTW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWhiteWalnut
110832348ZOW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmWhiteZebrano
110832349BHW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmBlackBeech
110832349BKW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmBlackBlack
110832349OKW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmBlackOak
110832349WEW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmBlackWhite
110832349WGW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmBlackWenge
110832349WTW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmBlackWalnut
110832349ZOW1600 x D280 x H450mm1600mmBlackZebrano
110832350BHW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmOakBeech
110832350BKW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmOakBlack
110832350OKW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmOakOak
110832350WEW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmOakWhite
110832350WGW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmOakWenge
110832350WTW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmOakWalnut
110832350ZOW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmOakZebrano
110832351BHW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmZebranoBeech
110832351BKW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmZebranoBlack
110832351OKW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmZebranoOak
110832351WEW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmZebranoWhite
110832351WGW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmZebranoWenge
110832351WTW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmZebranoWalnut
110832351ZOW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmZebranoZebrano
110832352BHW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmBeechBeech
110832352BKW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmBeechBlack
110832352OKW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmBeechOak
110832352WEW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmBeechWhite
110832352WGW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmBeechWenge
110832352WTW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmBeechWalnut
110832352ZOW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmBeechZebrano
110832353BHW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWalnutBeech
110832353BKW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWalnutBlack
110832353OKW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWalnutOak
110832353WEW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWalnutWhite
110832353WGW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWalnutWenge
110832353WTW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWalnutWalnut
110832353ZOW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWalnutZebrano
110832354BHW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWengeBeech
110832354BKW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWengeBlack
110832354OKW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWengeOak
110832354WEW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWengeWhite
110832354WGW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWengeWenge
110832354WTW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWengeWalnut
110832354ZOW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWengeZebrano
110832355BHW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWhiteBeech
110832355BKW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWhiteBlack
110832355OKW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWhiteOak
110832355WEW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWhiteWhite
110832355WGW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWhiteWenge
110832355WTW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWhiteWalnut
110832355ZOW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmWhiteZebrano
110832356BHW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmBlackBeech
110832356BKW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmBlackBlack
110832356OKW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmBlackOak
110832356WEW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmBlackWhite
110832356WGW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmBlackWenge
110832356WTW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmBlackWalnut
110832356ZOW2000 x D280 x H450mm2000mmBlackZebrano

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