Rubbermaid cleaning solutions

Rubbermaid Direct2U offers a wide range of Cleaning Equipment & Supplies for commercial application. A standard in the industry, Rubbermaid products combine sleek design and innovative practicality. And now, the huge range of cleaning and maintenance equipment can reach you anywhere in the UK!

Our maintenance carts category is comprised of two widely popular cleaning cart ranges, commonly seen in commercial buildings, supermarkets, retail stores and the hospitality industry. These maintenance trolleys can be easily integrated into your cleaning plan by configuring it to your needs. Our Rubbermaid cleaning carts include high visibility yellow components for areas with high footfall or that require additional safety measures. Our Rubbermaid housekeeping carts include the popular X-Cart range, and all the versatility of our cleaning carts in sleek black. This is highly desirable in the hospitality industry, such as in hotels, restaurants, and events.

Mopping equipment is an essential for quick workflow during maintenance. Rubbermaid WaveBrake & Double Bucket mopping systems are the latest in affordable quality janitorial equipment. Combined with microfibre wet mops, Rubbermaid offers a well-rounded solution and a one-stop shop for cleaning equipment. For quick maintenance jobs, our Rubbermaid dust mops, pans, and tools are quickly retrieved and stowed away. Finally, to organise all your janitorial tools and equipment, find our organisational tools and accessories for compact and discreet storage.