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storing agrochemicals and pesticides in the workplace

Our range of red storage cabinets designed for containing agrochemicals and pesticides comes with perforated doors to ensure adequate ventilation. These cabinets are CoSHH certified and are supplied with the new CLP ‘Harmful’ labels. Manufactured in the West Midlands with robust steel and powder coated with red Germ Guard Active Technology paint, these cupboards are ideal for farms, warehouses, and production areas.

The standard range of red hazardous cabinets comes in 4 widths, 3 heights and 6 sizes in total. Each cupboard comes with at least one shelf as standard, however there are additional shelves available for purchase. Stands that raise cabinets for 500mm are also available. For a mobile solution, we offer cupboards on castors for quickly moving chemicals from one site to the other.

Security cupboards are designed to be more secure storage for chemicals and hazardous substances. Heavy duty hinges and 7 lever safe locks protect your chemicals from theft or tampering. Additional shelves are available for purchase and provide more segregation options.

CoSHH in Agriculture & Farming

Handling substances hazardous to health is a regulated practice that is covered by CoSHH. These substances can be chemicals, fumes, dusts, vapours, gases, or biological agents. According to HSE, In Agriculture and Farming, the most common harmful substances are:

  • Dusts from plants, animals, composted and fermented materials
  • Pesticides, medicines, and feed additives
  • Products used in silage making
  • Fertilisers and soil improvers
  • Paints, oils, lubricants, brake fluids, detergents
  • Confined spaces and toxic gases such as hydrogen sulphide
  • Vehicle exhaust fumes
  • Cleaning activities and products