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Hazardous Storage Cabinets

Hazardous Storage Cabinets
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Hazardous Storage Cabinets, Chests and Cages

What is Hazardous Storage?

Hazardous storage is a selection of cabinets, cupboards, chests, and cages. They store hazardous chemicals and liquids. These protect employees and employers in the workplace. As these chemicals can be hazardous to health. Most hazardous materials are in working environments daily. Companies must follow these COSHH regulations. As it's harmful to people and the environment. The control of substances hazardous to health COSHH is the regulation to ensure health and safety in working conditions.

Hazardous Storage Cabinets

Our yellow Hazardous cabinets are a popular option. They meet all current COSHH and RIDDOR regulations and they are manufactured in the UK. Many of us handle hazardous substances daily. From cleaning chemicals to paint. It's common for employees to encounter harmful substances. So having procedures in place to protect their safety is vital. This is why we stock our hazardous substance cabinets, ready for immediate despatch.

As well as a simple yet effective design. Our hazardous storage range has a bright yellow powder-coated finish. This is to offer high visibility in case of an emergency. Plus, our hazardous cabinets have spill-retaining adjustable shelves galvanised. This directs all spills into the integral liquid tight sump. The sumps tray is also leakproof to offer safe storage. Thus, lowering the chance of spills and contamination. Even though the chances are low, spills can still happen. So, we also offer spill kits, these ensure spills are absorbed with granules or pads. Reducing any further risks within the workplace./span>

Our TUFF Hazardous Storage Range

Our TUFF range of Hazardous Storage Cupboards are the best sellers in our product range. This is due to their high-quality and robust build. They are manufactured here in our factory in the UK. Our TUFF Hazardous Cabinets are the perfect safety solution. They ensure employees and employers are conforming to COSHH regulations. This is vital when handling hazardous substances. Our TUFF Cupboards ensure safe and secure storage of hazardous substances and can be wall mounted.

Hazardous Storage Cupboards – COSHH Cabinets

Tail Lift Delivery Option

We provide a Tail Lift delivery option for an effortless delivery to your address. This also means that we can deliver your COSHH Cupboard to a location with no forklift. Select the Tail Lift Delivery code TL15 when selecting your hazardous storage cupboard.

Free Next Working Day Delivery Option

All our COSHH Cabinets include a FAST and FREE Next Day Delivery service. Order today, get tomorrow!

Which Hazardous Cupboard is best for you?

We offer a large choice of hazardous cupboards to look through. These include hazardous chests, cabinets, mobile and wall units. Our most popular yellow hazardous storage cabinet is available in 7 sizes. These are our top-rated due to being EN 13501-1 and A2-s2 certified. So in the case of a fire they won't add to the flames. Another important feature is the two-point locking system for added security. This secures the top and bottom of the cupboard door. This is a vital feature for added security when storing hazardous substances. It's an added measure in our safety cabinets to protect employees from potential harm.

Maintaining your COSHH Cabinet

While these features help store dangerous substances such as chemicals safe, maintenance is also important, to keep it leak proof. This will help ensure the longer-lasting performance of your storage cabinet. It is vital to regularly inspect the cabinet for signs of any wear or tear that could compromise the seal. More over, the cabinets can be cleaned with a mild detergent and soft cloth to remove any dust. Lastly, hazardous containers should be well labelled and organised tidy to prevent accidents from occurring.

To keep the cabinet in great condition, any spills that occur need to be cleaned up straight away. This will reduce the risk of a build-up of harmful liquids in the sump. Another thing to check is the cabinets’ locks. To ensure safety frequent checks of the cabinet being fully operational are essential. To complete this ensure the doors close properly and the latch lock works correctly.

We also have further ranges for storage of chemicals and flammable liquids. These include COSHH cabinets, and Flammable Liquid Cupboards. Along with Acid and Alkali cabinets and COSHH Cupboards.

If you need further advice on hazardous storage. Please Live Chat or call our Sales Team. Our friendly team are available to call on 01922 715 130. We also offer discounts on large orders and provide Free Site Visits. Contact us for a quote today!