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Hazardous Storage Cabinets, Chests and Cages

Many of us handle hazardous substances on a daily basis, from cleaning chemicals to paint. It's common for employee's to come into contact with harmful substances and having procedures in place to protect their safety is vital. Lucky for us, there is a set of regulations called the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations. I know a mouthful, so thankfully experts call these regulations CoSHH for short.

CoSHH regulations ensure that employers are meeting all requirements when it comes to potential hazards. When handling hazardous chemicals, they need a home and storing these chemicals away is an important task. The solution can be found in our hazardous storage cabinets, manufactured for the sole purpose of keeping hazardous substances contained. Designed to meet strict regulations, they include key features that ensure the safe storage of chemicals, paints, oils and fuels. 

CoSHH Cabinets for hazardous liquids

It's a common mistake that hazardous substances are found in toxic waste barrels. Often we are surrounded by potentially harmful substances and to our discomfort they could be a health risk. However, to ensure that all accidents are reduced and our health is intact, our CoSHH Cabinets offer a security like no other. When correctly stored away, our hazardous cabinets can ensure hazardous substances are contained within the storage cabinet. 

Designed with spill retaining galvanised shelves, all spills are direct to an integral liquid tight sump. By enclosing all spills within the sump tray, the chance of slips and contamination is reduced. However when spills occur, it's important to have additional equipment in place to ensure that there is no potential reactions or build-ups. Spill kits ensure that any spills within the cabinets are absorbed through either granules or pads. They're vital in flammable liquid spills and can help limit the chance of accidents.

This simple yet effective design can ensure hazardous substances are contained under CoSHH Regulations. Their bright yellow powder coated finish offers high visibility to emergency services in the case of an emergency.  

Which Hazardous Storage Cabinet suits your requirements?

With a range of hazardous cabinets, mobile units and hazardous floor chest there is a vast choice of hazardous cabinets to decipher through. Our most popular storage cabinet is our Yellow Hazardous Storage Cabinet, with a choice of 7 sizes all together. Certified to EN 13501-1 and A2-s2, they won't add to flames in the case of a fire and are ideal to store hazardous substances. But the most important feature to ensure security is their two-point locking system. Two-point locking systems ensures that the cupboard is secured at the top and bottom of the door. Whilst storing hazardous substances, this is a vital feature and will protect employee's from potential harm.

Justrite Hazardous Storage Cabinets

If you require a premium hazardous storage solution, then our justrite cabinets are ideal. Whilst offering a fire resistant cabinet, they also include additional features such as dual vents with flame arresters. This feature allows gas to pass through, but it will stop a flame in order to prevent a fire or explosion. Manufactured from sturdy 1mm thick double-wall steel, it provides 38mm of insulating space to aid fire resistance.

How do I care for my CoSHH Cabinet?

It's important whilst storing hazardous chemicals to maintain your hazardous storage cabinet to ensure long lasting properties. Here are just a few simple ways on how you can keep your CoSHH cabinet in great condition.

  1. Don't nest your cabinets -  We often get asked "Can we nest cabinets together". Although this is highly tempting, this is a bad idea as it will reduce the fire retardant and negate FM approval of our Justrite cabinets.
  2. Check the cabinets locks frequently - It's vital to regularly check your cabinet is fully operational. Check doors close properly and the latch works to ensure maximum safety. 
  3. Clean spills - Any harmful substances will be collected in the liquid tight sump at the base of the hazardous storage cabinet. However it's important to clean up these spills ASAP to ensure there is no build-up of harmful liquids. 

Planning the safe storage of chemical, hazardous and flammable substances can be quite daunting. If you need further advice on which storage product is right for your needs, please Live Chat or call our Sales Team on 01922 715 130. We also offer discounts on large orders and provide Free Site Visits, contact us for a quote today!

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