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High Visibility Clothing

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  1. Hi Visibility Vest - Class 2

    Hi Visibility Vest - Class 2

    Velcro fastening for speed and ease

    from £10.32

  2. Nylon/PVC Hi Visibility Rainwear

    Nylon/PVC Hi Visibility Rainwear

    Includes a hooded jacket and trousers

    from £40.15

  3. De Luxe Hi Visibility Jacket Class 3 with Flannel Liner

    Deluxe Hi Visibility Jacket Class 3 with Flannel Liner

    YellowBlue / Orange
    Flannel lined for comfort and warmth

    from £48.18

  4. Hi Vis Waitcoat

    Hi Vis Waistcoat

    Conforms with EN 471 and Class 2

    from £54.09

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5 Items

High Visibility Clothing

At Safety Direct2U we stock a wide selection of hi vis vests, jackets and trousers to help keep you safe and seen.

Why is high visibility clothing important?

Hi vis workwear is important because it allows the wearer to be visible at night, or in situations of low lighting. In some cases, even when visibility is not an issue, the use of hi visibility work wear can reduce the risk of accidents. An example of this is to implement the use of hi vis vests on workshops or factory shop floors. Especially if heavy machinery, plant or forklift trucks are in use.

How does high visibility clothing work?

Hi-vis clothing and workwear is incorporates a combination of materials which all boast light reflective properties. Essentially, light rays bounce around within the reflective tape before they reflect to our eyes. This in turn is what gives that glow like appearance. In addition to this, many items of low light clothing feature fluorescent colour materials. Which consequently enhance the wearers visibility. Subsequently, different colours are more visible in certain locations. For this reason you will find that these colours are more prevalent in certain environments. An example of this is that florescent orange is particularly visible against dark blue or black backgrounds. This makes them ideal for use in underground excavation and marine environments.

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