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Safety plays a vital role in the function of warehouses. When managed pedestrian and forklift traffic will prevent accidents. A cost-effective solution is to install safety barriers. Our range of safety barriers can help you create a safe environment.


We offer many different warehouse barriers. These range from low level safety barriers to crash barriers. Firstly assess the space you have. Secondly decide if you need a temporary or permanent solution. Also when planning your layout, consider mapping out traffic routes on paper. In particular areas where forklifts and pedestrians might cross paths.


If forklifts are creating damage taking some extra measures can help. Impact barriers come in all shapes and sizes. They are made of rigid foam, which creates a protective layer. Known as foam impact protectors. But for a more durable option, choose steel protection safety barriers. Suitable for use as collision protection bars, these work perfect as impact barriers.


When creating safe work areas and walkways, protective posts are an option. They allow pedestrian access, while restricting forklifts. Our modular ranges allow the posts to double up as barriers if needed. Our safety bollards work great as pedestrian barriers. So they keep people safe.


Mobile barriers are a good solution if you have limited space. Or need a temporary option. They can be arranged in lines and runs. Lightweight and easy to move. This means they can be stored for next time. Our mobile barriers are effective as queue management when required.


Our range of belt and rope barriers are a versatile solution for any environment. Meaning both short and long queues can be managed with ease. Pedestrian barriers are perfect for events, shopping centres or airports. They work as queue management barriers. Thus help with crowd control.


As well as regulating visitors in public car parks. Parking bollards are also ideal for private homes. Whether it's a parking post or barrier gate. We offer a wide range of traffic barrier solutions for your traffic management needs.

Here at Direct2U, we manufacture unique products and provide bespoke solutions. Our sales team will be happy to help. Answer your questions, or organise a free site visit and quotation.

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