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Safety Barriers

Health and Safety plays a vital role in the function of warehouses. If businesses put in place safety measures it prevents accidents. Especially for high levels of pedestrian and forklift traffic. A cost-effective solution is to install Safety Barrier Systems. Our range of Safety Barriers are ideal to create a safe environment for your workers.

Warehouse Barriers Warehouse Barriers

These range from Machine Guard Fencing to Walkway Barriers. Assess the space that you have and decide if you need a temporary or a permanent solution. Also, when planning your layout, consider mapping out traffic routes on paper. Areas where forklifts and pedestrians might cross paths. Warehouse Barriers restrict access to dangerous areas. Our water filled barriers provide extra security to the ground.

Expanding Barriers Expanding Barriers

Expanding Barriers (Scissor Barriers) are essential barrier systems. This is because they reduce the likelihood of accidents by highlighting risks. They also restrict access to areas that may present hazards to people. Such as temporary work sites, or areas where vehicles are present. This is why we use Safety Barriers as they prevent harm to people, wildlife or work equipment. By providing visibility.

Impact Protection Barriers Impact Protection Barriers

Impact Protection Systems protect people and vehicles by separating routes in warehouses. To minimise dangerous occurrences or accidents. These range from Crash Barriers, Warehouse Protection Barriers and Rubber Bumpers. We manufacture our Impact Barriers with a high quality foam material. This helps create a protective layer. We call them Foam Impact Protectors. We provide Steel Protection Safety Barriers if you need a more durable option.

Safety Bollards Safety Bollards

When creating safe work areas and walkways, protective bollards are a good option. This is because they allow pedestrian access but restrict forklifts and machinery. Our modular barrier range enables the posts to double up as barriers if required. Our Protective Posts work great as Pedestrian Barriers. This is because they keep people safe.

Racking Protectors Racking Protectors

A warehouse Racking Protector protects vulnerable areas of pallet racking. We recommend Pallet Racking Guards for warehouses, factories, or distribution centres. Warehouse Racking Protectors are ideal where there is a high volume of traffic. Such as forklift vehicles. You can also use our Rack Guards as Machine Guards. This is because they protect any exposed edges.

Hoop Barriers Hoop Barriers

Our high quality Hoop Barriers are ideal for protecting machinery and equipment in industrial environments. They are also known as Guard Barriers. Hoop Barriers provides a permanent obstacle to vehicle access. An example of this would be to mark boundaries and protect entrances and exits. Such as in warehouses and factories. It is common that vehicles such as forklift trucks cause accidental structural damage. Hoop Barriers are there to prevent this situation. We provide a range of these Safety Barriers. Such as Steel Hoop Barriers, Removable Hoop Barriers and Bolt Down Hoop Barriers.

Mobile Barriers Mobile Barriers

Mobile barriers are a good solution if you have limited space. Or need a temporary option. You can arrange them in lines and runs. Lightweight and easy to move. This means that you can store them for next time. Our mobile barriers are effective as queue management when required. Our Temporary Barriers are a cost-effective type of Safety Barrier. This is because they are reusable and are easy to transport to and from locations. With a quick installation process. Temporary Safety Barriers are ideal for road works and public events. Such as festivals, fairs and sports matches.

Cleaning and Maintenance Barriers Cleaning and Maintenance Barriers

Organisations use these plastic barriers in the cleaning and maintenance sector. They are control barriers that reduce the likelihood of slips and trips. Thus, preventing access to unsafe areas such as wet floors or chemicals. Safety signs are there to make the public areas of hazardous areas. We sell a variety of caution signs such as wet floor signs, caution cones and expandable barriers.

Crowd Control Barriers Crowd Control Barriers

Our range of belt and rope queue barriers is a versatile solution for any environment. Meaning both short and long queues can be managed with ease. Pedestrian Barriers are ideal for events, shopping centres or airports. They work as queue management barriers. This helping with crowd control. We sell a range of Pedestrian Barriers such as Belt Plastic Barriers and Wall Mounted Belt Plastic Barriers.

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