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Wet floor Signs & Maintenance Barriers

Our wet floor signs and maintenance barriers category is our brightest range. All yellow barriers bring attention to spills and wet floors. So these are used in entrances, hallways, in front of elevators or in washrooms. There are options for all applications and budgets. Our category also features popular Rubbermaid products, the cornerstone of maintenance equipment. Bring attention to spills and wet floors with our A-frame signs. Or cordon off entire maintenance areas with bright yellow barriers.

What do wet floor signs do? 

Slips and trips accounted for 19% of non-fatal injuries in 2015/16 in the UK. That’s a fifth of injuries! Slips and trips injuries are avoidable with the right signage and training. With a few preventive measures a lot of common sense, you can prevent employees from getting hurt.

Spills, torn carpet, and broken tiles are all hazards that prove costly if an accident happens. Work-related slips and trips can cost businesses in legal fees and productivity. In cases where a slip occurs when there was no visible signage, employees can file a suit against the business. Of course, there is the chance that someone will ignore the signage. But doing your part as an employer to the best of your ability is necessary.

Having a consistent, simple way to communicate risks and hazards can go a long way. Colours are the best way to alert employees and visitors of hazards. Yellow maintenance barriers are a solution that has a universal appeal and message. The colour yellow is one of the most visible colours, especially when paired with black.

For any more information about our wet floor signs and maintenance barriers then get in contact with our friendly sales team! They are happy to help find the correct floor sign for you. Whether it be a slippery floor sign or caution wet floor. We will have something for everyone.