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Expanding Safety Barriers

Importance of Expanding Safety Barriers

Expanding Barriers (Scissor Barriers) are an essential Health and Safety tool. This is because they reduce the likelihood of accidents by highlighting risks. Certain areas may present hazards to people. Such as temporary work sites, or areas where vehicles are present. This is why we use Safety Barriers as they prevent harm to people, wildlife or work equipment. By providing visibility.

Extending Barriers is a practical yet straight forward safety solution. This is because they point out dangerous areas and prevent access to hazardous zones. Such as construction sites and manholes. Expandable Barriers protect your machinery and equipment. They do this by providing visibility in busy areas. Such as areas where forklifts or machinery are being operated. Ensure the safety of your workforce by providing the necessary safety equipment. This will keep working days safer. When conducting risk assessments you should always put in place Safety Barriers.

Our Expanding Barriers are durable yet lightweight, this makes them easy to transport. Such as to construction sites. They are available in a range of colours and sizes.

Areas That Need Isolating Expanding Barriers

Isolation Barriers act as a protective Safety Fence. They are used to highlight hazards. Such as manholes, flooring and maintenance work. Such as lift and escalator engineer work.

Dangerous Construction Areas Expandable Barricades

Safety Barriers provide protection for the public and workers. This is because Expanding Barriers restrict access to dangerous areas. Such as construction areas or building locations. They also protect machinery and buildings.

Areas with Equipment Extending Barriers

Extending Barriers is a fantastic tool for highlighting risks in areas that contain equipment. Such as factory or warehouse areas. Safety Barriers in these areas highlight the risks of being near machinery.

Restricted Areas Safety Barriers

Expandable Barricades are an ideal barrier system for marking out closed areas. Areas such as swimming pools, car parks and public toilets.

Factories and Warehouses Expanding Safety Barriers

Extending Barriers prevents unauthorised access to areas in factories or warehouses. Such as moving machinery and platforms.

Out of Service Expandable Barriers

Expanding Barriers are ideal to corner off areas that are not accessible to the public. This is for equipment that is out of service. Usually, this is to deter people from trying to use it.

Examples of Portable Safety Barriers In Use:

  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Centres
  • Carparks
  • Pathways
  • Roads

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