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Titan Expanding Safety Barriers

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  1. Temporary Extending Barriers - 3m
    Prevents pedestrian access

    From 84.1200 £84 .12

    Temporary Extending Barriers - 3m Learn More
  2. Titan Expanding Barriers
    Supplied with heavy duty rubber feet

    From 107.0500 £107 .05

    JSP Titan Expanding Barriers - 3.1m Learn More
  3. Temporary Extending Isolation Barrier - 1m²
    Temporary 4 sided barrier
    £107 .06

    exc VAT

    From Only £89.96
    Temporary Extending Isolation Barrier - 1m² Learn More
  4. Mottez Mobile Expanding Barriers - 2.85m
    Space saving design

    From £150 .75

    Mottez Mobile Expanding Barriers - 2.85m Learn More
  5. PVC Expanding Safety Barrier - 2.2m
    Lightweight for easy removal and storage
    £144 .20

    exc VAT

    From Only £107.10
    PVC Expanding Safety Barrier - 2.2m Learn More
  6. Steel Flexi Expanding Barrier - 3.6m & 4m
    Perfect for indoor or outdoor use

    From --13548 £198 .82

    Steel Flexi Expanding Barrier - 3.6m & 4m Learn More
  7. Armorgard Barricade
    High quality powder coated finish
    £181 .72

    exc VAT

    From Only £155.30
    Armorgard Barricade Expanding Barrier - 4m Learn More
  8. Instagate Expanding Barrier Category Listing Image
    Lightweight and easy to transport

    From £619 .99

    Instagate Expanding Safety Barrier Learn More

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8 Item(s)

Expanding Safety Barriers

Expanding barriers are fundamental in situations where hazards or crowds need to be controlled. Environments such as shopping centres, supermarkets, construction sites and even offices can all use expanding barriers to reduce potential accidents. They're designed to protect people from dangerous or unsafe area's. So it makes sense that their designs include bright colours such as reds, whites, yellows and greens to visualise what is accessible or not.

What is the purpose of an expanding barrier?

Well, aside from ensuring the safety of the public or employee's. There exact purpose is to manage the behaviour of large groups of people by diverting danger and creating a safe passage. When it comes to construction sites, it's common to see expanding barriers mapping out unauthorised area's. This simple, yet effective solution reduces the risks of accidents and ensures members of the public aren't exposed to potentially life threatening events.

What is the maximum length of an expanding barrier?

We often get asked, "Can your expanding barriers cover X amount of metres". Our most frequent response is, yes. From ranges up to 1m-4m's, our barriers can cover large area's as well as being joined via a barrier clip. A perfect example is our Titan Expanding Barriers, where they expand to 4m's but can be connected via an optional clip. This means, that you can have a line of expanding barriers covering up to 8m's or over! 

However, it's important to note that our range of safety barriers include barriers that can't be connected via a clip. So if you require this extra feature, be sure to check if the option is available. 

Small Expanding Barrier 2.7 metres when expanded
Titan Expanding Barrier 3.1 metres when expanded
Steel Flexi Expanding Barrier 3.6 or 4 metres when expanded
Armorgard Barricade Expanding Barrier 4 metres when expanded
Large Expanding Barrier 4 metres when expanded
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Need Quick Delivery?

Finally, if you need your expanding barrier as quickly as possible then take a look at the Titan Expanding Barriers and the Expanding Barrier. These are now available with a Next Day Delivery option which can be added to your basket and will guarantee next day delivery

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