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Warehouse Barriers

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Warehouse Barriers

When forklifts are in use & accidents can happen in fast past environments. It's important to have safety warehouse barriers in place to protect items. Such as pallet racking, expensive machinery or even stock. So, warehouse barriers are a common sight in any industrial situation. Typically found in factories, warehouses, and construction sites. The pedestrian safety barrier protects and highlights areas of concern.

Which warehouse barriers suit my needs?

Warehouse safety barrier’s main purpose is to absorb the impact of any collision. This is possible as they are built from high quality steel. The unique design & high spec is why they are suitable for a variety of locations to ensure safe keeping. Pedestrian barriers are ideal as a cost-effective measure, as they are highly visible to restrict access.


Also within our wide range are a set of safety barriers that we can customise to your requirements. An excellent example of this is our Modular Round Tube Safety Barriers. With the ability to extend the unit to fit your requirements, they're ideal for all warehouses. The system includes 3 different heights with 4 different widths. So, they cater to a range of environments in need of a protective barrier. Other warehouse impact protectors often come in the form of guard rails.

What is a guard rail?

A guard rail is like a warehouse barrier. But the only difference is their main purpose is to protect and guard valuable items. An example is with our Impact Safety Barriers.There unique design protects property and machinery from damage by moving traffic.

If you need any more information on different types of barrier, to find the fit best for you then please get in touch! You can get in touch by Live Chat or by phone.