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Spill Containment & Control


We have an extensive range of Spill Containment and Spill Control products. Spill kits and absorbents are essential pieces of equipment to have on any premises where hazardous substances are used and stored. Our range includes maintenance absorbents, oil and fuel absorbents and chemical absorbents so that you can clean up almost any type of spillage. Our spill kits and dispensing stations enable you to act quickly in the event of a spillage or leak. With spill kits on site you can have peace of mind that your workplace can meet the regulations and be a safe environment to work in.

Spill Kits & Absorbents

Spill Kits

For spill containment, we recommend our range of emergency spill kits designed for deployment during accidental spills. While spill response kits are meant to be stored until an emergency arises, we also offer a range of absorbent pads, mats and booms for chemicals, fuel and general maintenance.

Spill Barriers & Drain Covers

Spill Barriers

Secondary containment is important to prevent the contamination and pollution of soil and water. When a spill occurs, placing a barrier, berm or boom can help contain harmful liquids to a certain area and prevent any accidental spread. Our range includes spill barriers, spill berms, drain covers and drain plugs.

Common & Best Practices

Secondary Containment

Secondary containment is necessary when harmful liquid spills are a risk. Read our blog on the most common ways to contain harmful liquids where land and water pollution is possible. We highlight portable, semi-, or fully-permanent options. This includes plastic bunds, spill trays, sumps and spill barriers.


At Safety Direct2U we also offer a complete range of drum and cylinder storage and handling equipment. We have carefully selected this range of products to provide a comprehensive range of transportation trolleys and dollies, as well as secure storage for your cylinders and drum containers. Our product offering has been chosen for its quality, value for money and safety. If you are unsure if the product meets your requirements, please contact our Sales Team who will be happy to help and advise.

Drum Storage

Drum Storage

Drum storage solutions depend on the location of the storage. We offer a wide range of polyethylene or hot dip galvanised racks, bunds, pallets, banks, and shelters. These drum storage units can be used outside and will protect drums from the elements, such as wind, rain, and sunlight.

Drum Handling

Drum Handling

Wide range of drum handling & lifting units designed for the workplace. We offer standalone drum handlers and lifters that can be used in conjunction with pallets. These hydraulic drum handlers enable to lift drums with heavy or harmful contents with the least manpower & effort. Forklift attachments such as drum clamps and claws are also available.

Cylinder Storage & Handling

Cylinder Storage & Handling

Browse wall brackets, stands and cages designed for storing and handling gas cylinders. Most products can accommodate all sizes of gas and propane cylinders. Galvanised options can be used outdoor, protecting cylinders from the British weather. Live Chat with us for your specific requirements!