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Cable Protectors

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  1. CablePro Universal - 30mm Channel

    CablePro Universal Cable Protectors

    Reduce tripping hazards

    from £23.80

  2. CablePro Multi-Channel - 2 x15mm Channels

    CablePro Multi-Channel Cable Protectors

    Durable PVC construction

    from £36.90

  3. Traffic-Line Cable Protection Ramps

    Traffic-Line Cable Protection Ramps

    Quick & easy to deploy

    from £60.73

  4. CablePro Cable Protection Mat

    CablePro Cable Protection Mat

    Yellow & Black
    Hazard stripe border for visibility

    from £62.99

  5. Traffic-Line Cable Protection Ramps

    Traffic-Line Cable Speed Ramps

    Yellow & BlackBlack
    Reduce speed and protect cables

    from £82.12

  6. CablePro Heavy Duty - Two Channels

    CablePro Heavy Duty Cable Protectors

    Available as single or double channel

    from £85.50

  7. Traffic-Line Cable Protection Ramp Roll

    Traffic-Line Cable Protection Ramp Roll

    Durable rubber construction

    from £100.99

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8 Items

Cable Protectors

At Safety Direct2U we understand the impacts that damage to cables can cause. In addition to the potential hazards they can cause. That is why we have put this selection of cable protectors together.

What is the best cable protector?

This totally depends on what you wish to use it for as well as what level of protection you want. For example, we have our Traffic-Line Cable Protection Ramp which is supplied in a roll. This cuttable cable protector will provide light to medium duty protection for cables and wires. In contrast, the CablePro Heavy Duty Cable Protector and Traffic-Line Cable Speed Ramp will deliver reliable industrial cable protector ramp strength. Effectively, these are heavy duty rubber cable protectors. If you take all necessary actions to prevent damage to wiring, you can also increase productivity, safety and loss of earning within your business.

What other methods can be used for wire protection?

There are other methods you can use to protect cables. In some instances you may be able to use cable clips or trunking along walls or skirting. On the other hand, you may find using something like the CablePro Cable Protection Mat more suitable. This will allow you to run cables across areas that have higher traffic flows.

Do you need some help or advice with your new rubber wire protector purchase? If so, get in touch with our friendly Sales Team via live chat today.