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Parking Posts

Here at Safety Direct2U we are proud to be one of the UK's leading suppliers of parking posts. Featuring a wide variety of heavy duty security posts.

What are parking posts good for?

Parking bollards are versatile, with a wide range of uses. They are a cost effective method for driveway security to give peace of mind. Our driveway bollards are both highly visible and durable. Secondly, they provide significant protection to homes, workplaces and car parks. In turn acting as driveway security bollards, to protect your property and belongings from damage.

Prevents unauthorised Vehicle Access

Parking posts restrict vehicles access for both parking space in your personal driveways, but staff car parks in busy areas also. This ensures only employees can use the parking to prevent unauthorised vehicles. This improves safety and security of your premises for prohibited areas and fixed parking. An additional use, is preventing vehicle access for walkways and spaces. In busy shopping centres, car parks, warehouses and residential properties, you may want to prevent cars from passing without consent. This may improve walkway safety for pedestrians crossing and prevent vehicle routes.

Theft Control

Today a common problem for homeowners is car theft of all makes and models. Being a victim to such a crime can cause major inconveniences to your life when reporting your stolen vehicle. This awful crime is becoming increasingly popular... but how can you prevent this happening to you?

Fortunately, our driveway posts act as a deterrent for vehicles to prevent them being stolen. Car theft posts work to prevent your car being towed or driven off the drive when the bar is enabled. Allowing access off the drive with a custom key. The drive bollards deter crime, as your car is too well protected and secured.

Our Different designs for car protection

Direct2U are parking posts specialists, featuring a variety of different designs to suit your protection needs. This includes fold down car bollards, commonly known as telescopic. Moreover, this compact design retracts when not in use to allow for specific access. In addition, you can secure with the choice of a sub-surface or surface fixing. This ensures your protection posts do not budge! We cater for all environments with a range of finishes including, zinc, red and white and black and yellow for high visibility.

If you require any help or advice with your parking post purchase then please contact our Sales Team today on Live Chat.