Fixed length seals

These plastic seals are also called Ring Seals, primarily used for securing vehicle doors. Ideal for usage on tankers, containers, and HGV doors. Usually made of plastic, these security seals are user-friendly and can be installed and removed without any special tools. They are a cost-effective security seal intended for low and medium security applications. These plastic band seals can also be installed around storage bins, tool boxes, valves, utility meters and any container with a hasp!

The built in weak point of fixed length seals is outside the locking mechanism but close enough, preventing tampering with pliers. The free movement of the seal inside the lock also indicates that the seal has not been glued or tampered with.

To install, simply attach the plastic seal around door latch and click seal into lock. To remove, break the seal manually. It’s important to ensure that the serial number is recorded before transit and sent in advance to check for tampering at arrival.