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Special Purpose Seals - Kertastack Transfer and Non-Transfer Labels

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This range groups Utility & Meter Seals, Narrow Recess Seals, and Tamper Evident Labels. Security Seals can fit a wide range of applications, or you will find that some seals are only meant for a specific use. Whether you are sealing utility meters, scales, gasoline pumps, drums or totes, there is a seal for you. While most seals only show evidence of tampering, they can sometimes be extremely robust and act as a deterrent to theft or tampering.

Utility & Meter Seals are designed for use with electricity meters, water & gas meters, and other industrial applications. These are most made of a wire seal, that requires a cutting tool to release. They are ideal for application in Transportation, Utilities & Services, and Food & Beverage.

Narrow Recess Seals allow quick and easy sealing of equipment stored and used in narrow spaces. They are space saving and easy to apply. Applications include in-flight bar trolleys, ATM cassettes, and security cabinets. They are popular in Airlines & Airports, Baking, and Cash-in-Transit.

Tamper Evident Labels come in 2 prominent designs. These are total transfer & non-transfer. Depending on the level of security, either can be used to seal boxes in transit or documents. Total transfer labels leave a visible VOID message on boxes & packages, revealing evidence of tampering.