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Racking Systems & Storage Solutions

At Shelving Direct2U we offer a wide selection of industrial racking solutions. All of our racking systems are versatile and reliable. They feature heavy duty racking levels to form good quality industrial metal racks. All of these bulk storage racks typically feature wide and deep beam levels, to store large and bulky items. The strong and robust construction of our commercial racks consequently result in an ability to store high quantities of stock. Therefore if you require a new bulk storage rack then look no further.


The main difference between shelving and racking is that shelving is generally used to store items accessible by hand. Whereas racking usually requires the use of specialist lifting equipment or forklifts. This is due to the large capacity and weight of goods which are stored upon them. In addition to their frequent contact with heavy access machines. As a consequence, the racking construction needs to be extremely robust and sturdy. This will ensure the long lifespan of the storage rack system. For this precise reason, our racking products boast a steel framework and tough epoxy finish.

At Direct2U we offer many different racking types. These include cantilever racking with a modular construction. These cantilever racking systems are easy to build and reconfigure. Choose from a selection of heights and depths to suit your individual storage needs.

Alternatively, to store items in an upright position we recommend our vertical rack with three dividers, four beams and base rail.

We also supply a range of high quality automotive and tyre racking systems. These are available along with an array of accessories. To help you get the most from your new racking system.

Therefore if you are looking for more than standard bulk storage racks or warehouse racking then take a look at our diverse range today.


Obviously, all racking solutions vary in their construction. However, they fundamentally work in the same way. For example. In order to create a standalone bay of Garment Racking, you will need to buy two end frames as well as the relevant number of racking levels you require. Many of our racking systems benefit from a modular style design. You can add racking extension bays to your system at any time by simply buying one end frame and the desired number of shelf levels. Although, it is important when doing this to match them with the racking manufacturer, model and current racking depths.

We appreciate that buying your new pallet racking or storage rack system may be confusing. That's why our Sales Team are on hand via Live Chat. We will try our best to answer your technical racking questions, or to organise a free, no obligation site visit and quotation.