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Galvanised Shelving

G60 Midispan Galvanised Shelving - up to 4300kg
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Long Life Galvanised Shelving

For particularly harsh industrial locations such as cold and damp storage areas Direct2U recommends using highly durable Galvanised Shelving. In fact, the hard wearing galvanised finish of these products will last the rigours of any environment. Versatile and expandable, they are not just for cold rooms, they are ideal for all kinds of tough environments. They are often used in garages and sheds which can often suffer from extreme damp which might weaken other shelving over time.

Easy to Assemble Shelving

All of the metal shelving in this section is designed with easy assembly in mind. They all make use of a boltless design, which allows the user to construct them quickly and easily. The only tool you need is a mallet to gently tap each of the components securely into place. This also means that these galvanised bays can be taken down and rearranged with ease. Adjusting the height of each shelf to suit your exact requirements.

Our E3 range of galvanised shelves are our most versatile offering with a whole range of accessories to make them ideal for a variety of settings. Add cladding and various dividers to keep all of your items secure and organised on each of your shelves.

Fast Shelving Delivery

All of our galvanised shelving has fast lead times to make sure that you're never without reliable storage for long. Our G15, G60 and E3 ranges are all on 5 working day UK delivery times and our heavy duty 400kg bay is available in just 48 hours!