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According to the HSE – warehouses should be designed and laid out to allow for the safe movement of goods, materials and people. Reducing the risks of accidents should be a priority when designing including those involving vehicles and people slipping/ tripping. The HSE also states that all storage areas, aisles and gangways should be clearly marked out on the floor. We offer a range of warehouse aisle signs and safety signs to ensure safety.

Increase your workplace safety and compliance using our signs & labelling products. The high visibility signs and labels available at Direct2U will attract the attention of target groups, communicating the message efficiently. They will also facilitate the identification of different features in your workplace, whether it’s a factory, warehouse or office. At Direct2U we offer a wide selection of signs and labels and we’re sure you’ll find a product matching your requirements.

Choose from several different design and colour options and customise signs and labels to your specific needs. For instance, our Weight Loading Identification Signs made from durable PVC are available in two options: horizontal or portrait. The Label Holders, in turn, can be easily updated and cut to size. Briefly, we guarantee that we have a solution suited your needs!

If you need to protect your documents from damage in harsh workplace environments, browse our Document Frames section. Choose our Documents Pockets, available also as a Magnetic Wrap Around version to ensure a full protection of your papers by tough polypropylene. And if it’s all about making your documents more visible and highlighting the content, then don’t miss out on our Document Frames. Available in 5 British Safety Standard Colours, they can’t be passed unnoticed.

When working in a picking warehouse, storage warehouse etc is much easier with location signs and labels. It is vital that important information is easily visible to all including max loads, placement information and more. Create a bespoke and unique to your warehouse labels with either magnetic fastening or self-adhesive. Need to change the labels in your warehouse regularly? We offer the solution – ticket pouches can hold interchangeable information. Simply attach the self-adhesive pouch or magnetic pouch onto racking or shelving and insert your chosen text.

Regardless of whether your warehouse is large or small, having an organised system is essential. Designated bay and load areas are a safe way to track goods. Identifying picking locations in a hurry can be difficult. However, it can be an easier process, by using clear location signage including floor markers. Floor markers are great for designating specific locations for pallets and deliveries.

Another key ingredient for a successful and safe warehouse environment is tidiness. Keeping working areas and walkways clear reduces the risk of accidents. HSE states that all slip and trip hazards should be identified and solved. This includes waste packaging, shrink wrapping and banded strapping loops etc. HSE guidelines recommend planning a waste disposal system to ensure items do not accumulate on the floor and walkways. A great way to organise a warehouse and recycle is to hang recycling sacks on the end of racking/ substrate. Choose from blue or green racksacks to suit your environment. Sacks are available for aluminium, glass, cardboard, plastic and much more.