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Storage Cupboards & Cabinets

Shelving Direct2U work hard to ensure we are able to offer the best selection of storage cupboards and cabinets. All uniquely designed to meet your needs and expectations.

Our storage cupboards and cabinets ranges will do that. Consisting of wide, tall, small and slim metal cabinets. Which feature either lockable doors or open fronts for a variety of uses. Available in a choice of colours. Thus allowing you to configure the perfect storage solution. Which compliments your businesses décor. From office cabinets to industrial storage we will have a solution for you.


Metal storage cabinets offer solutions to many situations. Not only do they give you the opportunity to organize. They also offer security and safety for valuables in high-risk areas. Thus boasting smooth and stylish finishes. Meaning you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Benefiting from a fast and friendly service. So come and buy storage cabinets online today from Direct2U.

Metal Cupboards

Our metal storage cupboards are an ideal storage solution for general use. As well as commercial use. Steel storage cupboards are great for offering security. As well as value for money and durability. These will help to keep your team tidy and organised at work. Thus resulting in increased productivity in the workplace.

Our steel storage cabinets are the highest quality and standards. Most of our cupboards come with many cabinet features. Including hinged lockable doors and fire-resistant powder coating. Thus helping to protect the items within the cabinet in the events of theft or fires. Making these cabinets a great option for most environments.

Heavy Duty Cupboards

We have lots of different selections with our high security cupboards. So we can cater to everyone. All boast a durable steel construction. As well as high quality powder coated finishes for added protection. Not only this but our office cupboards also offer great value for money.

When manufacturing our heavy-duty cupboards. Extra security features were added to ensure added protection. Some features include the continuous swan neck reinforced hinges and adjustable shelves. As well as a multi-point keyed locking mechanism to ensure protection is top priority.

Utility Cupboards

Our Utility cupboards aim to meet the needs of many people. Through a wide selection of sizes and colours we can do this. As well as the large choice of designs we have available. To suit all types of industrial environments.

Unique features of the cupboards allow each product to be dynamic in functionality. An example of this would be our janitor cupboard. This cupboard is great as a utility cupboard and janitor cupboard. As well as being good for storing clothing and footwear. Some features of this cupboard include a garment rail. As well as adjustable shelves and double locking doors.

PPE Cupboards

We have put together a section of PPE cupboards and cabinets to suit all environments. As we know the importance of safety within the workplace. All our cupboards create a safe space to store PPE equipment. These are vital when in situations where protective equipment is so important.

Our cupboards are perfect for warehouse and factories. Durable materials make sure of this and help to provide the protection. The lockable doors, garment rails. As well as shelves are also beneficial features of these cabinets. The high-quality powder coating offers a professional, clean look. That employers need in these sorts of environments.

Vision Door Cupboards

We have a few different types of vision door cupboards available at Direct2U. They have the unique feature that they show the contents of the cabinet. Whilst it still remains secure. These cupboards are great for environments that have high risk or high value items. So managers can see into the cabinets.

The cupboards come in 6 different colours to fit into many different areas. The cabinets are powder coated for a tough finish with enhanced durability. The reinforced doors provide added strength to the design and add extra security.

Perforated Door Cupboards

Our range of perforated door cupboards are an alternative to the vision door option. The unique perforated doors are great to maintain privacy and security. Whilst still enabling a manager or supervisor to be aware of contents in the lockers. They are a stylish way to lock away items but still allow looking into if needed.

The perforated door cupboards come in many different colours. As well as a few different size options. The tough powder coated finish ensures the longevity of the cupboard. One feature that makes these cabinets higher value for money is the reinforced doors. Strengthened for added security. The flush 'no snag' handle added to this product ensures belongings are extra secure.

For any further information about our storage cupboards and cabinets get in touch! Our friendly sales team are available to webchat, call or email.