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Perforated Door Cupboards

Our collection of perforated door cupboards will deliver style and value. Acting as a variation of our other vision door cupboards. The difference is they have a more unique door style. Rather than a Perspex covered opening, they feature a perforated steel door. These are useful as they enable managers and supervisors to be aware of the lockers contents. Whilst maintaining privacy and security.

Armour Vision Cupboards

We also offer many different height perforated door cupboards. These are to cater to all environments. They are great to offer security for locked away goods. As well as letting them be seen at the same time. We have flush 'no snag' handles on these cupboards. Along with secure locks to ensure the most security at all times. The perforated doors are extra strengthened to add visible security to the product. The tough powder coated finish is available in a few different colours. Thus to offer options to fit into environments. As well as offering a durable product with longevity. The cupboards come with 75kg UDL shelves with each option.

Armour Mobile Door Cupboards

Mobile perforated door cupboards can move wherever needed swift and convenient. It makes moving equipment or personal belongings around easy and convenient. This version has all the same features as the standard perforated cupboards. But it is in a static version. The mobile cupboard is on four castor wheels for ease. With 2 braked wheels so the items will still remain secure. As well as no accidents will happen due to the cabinet rolling away. A feature all our armour cupboards have is the UK manufacturing to high standard. As well as being Fire guard tested and certified to EN 13501-1.

Furthermore for more information about these cupboards. Please get in touch! We are available via live chat, email or call.